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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 769

> Buy it pre-ground. Or grind it the day before. It's still likely to be fresher than some nasty little industrial capsule.

No. You've completely ruined it. At that point, the results you get from the "icky industrialized capsule" will probably be better rather than worse.

Coffee grinds go bad pretty much immediately.

Americans are such idiots when it comes to coffee.

What most people put into a Mr. Coffee pretty much tastes like garden mulch.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 769

> Are you on crack? We boil water in an electric kettle in 2.5 minutes, then pour into a press, and blammo, coffee.

Your forgetting the grinding of the fresh beans to put in that press. Otherwise, your gratuitous snootiness is entirely pointless.

Then you get to clean up both your grinder and your press. These activities don't happen on their own by magic.

As "instant" goes, it's not bad really.

Comment Re:Wouldn't work (Score 1) 313

The same kinds of abstraction that can be applied to algorithms can be applied to recipes. Understanding this can help simplify the task of cooking and allow you to generalize it to a wide range of ingredients yielding many recipes from a single abstracted master recipe.

Algorithms can involve quite literally anything. They don't have to involve mathematical parlour tricks.

Comment Re:Wouldn't work (Score 1) 313

"How computers work" has nothing to do with "Internet 101".

You are conflating the operation of a computer with actually understanding it.

Given the importance of computing technology these days, a serious class on the subject is warranted. Labeling this sort of thing as "programming" is probably a misnomer though.

Of course people will whine that it's worthless mental clutter but then again most of school is stuff like that.

Comment Re:Could somebody explain wayland, please? (Score 1) 77

I find the best approach in ANY OS is to avoid the obvious crap. Avoid the brand that performs the worst in the industry. Avoid the brand that has the worst drivers.

Good hardware and a well supported driver is 100x more effective than any attempt to pretend Apple is doing things the right way.

This Wayland nonsense is essentially trying to flush all that and set thing back to the 90s (in multiple ways).

Comment Re:Not quite the same (Score 1) 794

> Dumb question: it's about the actions of the believers.

Except they aren't "believers".

They're just foodies that want better vegetables and cheese than your local "let them eat dirt" grocery chain will allow for.

They're just consumers in search of a better product.

The whole "believer" angle is just pure unadulterated nonsense.

Comment Re:Because... (Score 1, Troll) 794

You are so full of shit.

Whole Foods is what represents genuine liberty here. Some people don't want to eat this crap you have such a fetish for. It's a free country, so they are free to make whatever choices they want. The fact that you don't approve of those decisions is completely irrelevant.

YOU are the Food-Talibani here.

YOU are the one that wants to make it hard for people to make an informed choice.

YOU are the one that wants to shove your CRAP down everyone throats.

YOU are the fascist.

Whole Foods is just a place where people who what to make a choice are able to do so. Nothing in the "anti-GMO" movement would stop you from doing the same. You're just engaging in the neocon tactic of trying to to pretend your enemies strength is actually a weakness.

There is NO THREAT posed by full disclosure.

Comment Re:Troll (Score 1) 794

I used to schlep half way across town to shop at a Whole Foods for the produce because my local grocery chain was lacking. As soon as a better chain (or two) set up shop in a more convenient location, I stopped shopping at Whole Foods.

Although I would still consider going there just to see what interesting things they have that my local produce clerk does not. The same goes for a couple other more upscale grocers.

Comment Re:Because... (Score 3, Insightful) 794

Whole Foods is nothing like the Creation Science Museum.

It's just a store. It offers options. It caters to a particular niche.

It's really just a pretentious grocery store. The original article is a nonsense propaganda piece trying to attack a consumer alternative. It's just Monsanto/ConAgra trying to slander the choices of that part of the market that's not buying what Monsanto/ConAgra is selling.

No one running the local Whole Foods is trying to subvert science education in your local school district. No one at the local Whole Foods is trying to impose their beliefs or customs on you our your secular government.

The article is just mindless tripe for the Monsanto shills.

Comment Re:Could somebody explain wayland, please? (Score 2) 77

> Some X developers (real, credible ones) saw what Apple has accomplished with their high quality compositors and correctly factored display stack and are trying to bring that to open source systems.

Which is what exactly? I've owned Macs and I really don't see the appeal. If anything, Enlightenment blew the whole lot out of the water back in the 90s and made the whole idea of eye candy on the desktop a stale idea.

Copy Apple? Stop swimming in the Kool-aid.

Comment Re:No kidding (Score 1) 111

> Yeah, right. Because home users regularly say: "Oh, wow, that is a sweet PCI-E SSD; too bad it doesn't support TRIM or I would have bought the shit out of it!"

Your average home user probably still isn't even aware that they can gain any advantage out of an SSD. This is despite constant ongoing persistent propaganda about how just adding/replacing an SSD will change everything and even improve the weather.

"home users" simply aren't relevant here.

Comment Re:Answer: No (Score 1) 333

Not all IT jobs are created equal and the distribution of non-CS grads and women varies. You can't use Silicon Valley as a guide (or startups). Both of those environments are much less forgiving of people without talent or dedication.

There are plenty of jobs for less technical people in Fortune 500 companies where navigating the political quagmire is more important.

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