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Comment Re:You keep using that word (Score 1) 479

> The difference between "idiot" and "at fault" is huge.

It depends on the environment. In some environments, you will be punished for leaving your valuables unsecured. It is considered bad policy to tolerate idiots that invite thieves.

The meat space equivalent of what this idiot journalist does is illegal in some jurisdictions.

Comment Re:Shill (Score 1) 545

I would be more worried about irrigation versus natural water sources. Also there's the problem that water is not actually destroyed in the process of agriculture. It is used and reused and reused again. Although there is the problem of water contamination. That doesn't go away if you trade beef for beans.

These statistics really don't address sustainability at all.

It's really a quite infantile argument not worthy of a tech site like Slashdot.

It's simply not technical enough.

Comment Re:DC's not ranked? (Score 2) 285

The idea that more "cosmopolitan" city is going to have less of a commute is just nonsense. You will just be dealing with trains run on someone else's schedule versus driving yourself. Concentrating yourself into an overpriced sardine can is not necessarily going to positively impact the "time lost" aspect of the job.

Chances are that cutthroat competition from people that love to live in the office will wipe out any direct fiscal advantage of a car free commute.

It's not just about the balance sheet. It's also about the local culture and how well you personally fit into that.

Comment Re:Who Fucking Cares? (Score 3) 287

Support is support then. If you have to do a lot of hand holding for them anyways, then you might as well do it with whatever YOU the support person is most comfortable with.

Unix has the advantage that it can be remotely supported through a 2400 baud dial-up connection.

Comment Re:If there is a good series I'm glued to it (Score 1) 146

> They can't do all of Doctor Who, the BBC literally doesn't have all of it anymore due to a series of purges of their collection of old content in the seventies.

They can do everything from Pertwee forward. These were all shown on PBS stations in the 80s and 90s. Anyone that wanted too could have taped them all (I did).

It's only the first two doctors where lost episodes are a problem.

The selection of Classic Who on Netflix is pretty worthless.

Comment Re:They're stalling (Score 1) 465

> Cut the anti-capitalist crap.

Great. So now if you dare to criticize the almighty corporations you are an "anti-capitalist". Just great.

You should reserve yourself a space in Cooks servants quarters. Get a jump on this new guilded age you're trying to build for the rest of us.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 465

>> You're saying they should just hand over the keys to anybody who calls claiming "grandma died"?
> Yep. That sounds like a working security model.

There are these things called legal documents. They establish ownership of personal property and can allow for transfer of such property. Been like this for centuries. Millenia even.

Comment Re:In my experience.... (Score 1) 140

> So it's trying to fill the needs of people who have an overinflated sense of entitlement? Okay.... got it.

Yes. The "overinflated sense of entitlement" to something that is BROADCAST FOR FREE on the PUBLIC AIRWAVES for EVERYONE.

Yeah. That's quite a "sense of entitlement": expecting to be able to receive a broadcast of a TV station in their broadcast area.

What's next? Perhaps they will expect clean air and fresh water.

Comment Re:Those with the money (Score 1) 140

> Aereo is a public performance of copyrighted material. You cannot do that. You will get slapped.

Aereo is the rental of an antenna. It's no more a public performance than the rental of a VCR.

This is already settled law despite the attempts of certain people to ensure that only large corporations have rights.

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