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Comment Re:keep it simple stupid (Score 1) 165

Yeah. Why do something simple like an interface that allows you to watch what you want when you want. Instead subject them to shoddy equipment that may or may not even allow them to time shift properly. Give them something THEY have to PROGRAM. Give them something where what they want to watch might not even be one of the choices for "demand".

No. A "video jukebox" is much simpler.

In fact, this is generally what you are trying to achieve with a non-crap PVR.

Comment Re:Something built into the TV? Samsung? (Score 3, Insightful) 165

My kid loved MythTV when he was 3 years old. The young are not the users you have to worry about. Even the old aren't necessarily a problem.

It's the lazy/helpless types that are a problem and these come in all age groups. You may find an 80 year old that's much more adaptable to modern computing tech than some 60 year old.

The assumption that Granny can't handle tech is a stupid incorrect stereotype.

Comment Re:Netflix Button (Score 1) 165

I have found the Netflix app to be best thing going on my BD player and on par with the version on the Roku. On the other hand, the other apps like Amazon Prime lag behind their Roku counterparts.

Both Amazon and Walmart are very liberal about returns. So if you find that a particular option doesn't work out, it's not such a great tragedy.

You can return stuff. Been that way since the age of the Dinosaurs.

Comment Re:50s TV - Antennae (Score 2) 165

50s TV will be butchered on a broadcast station.

You would be better off buying DVDs and ripping them.

At least streaming services don't have to conform to some artificial notion of a schedule.

SciFi once tried running the uncut versions of Old Trek. That experiment seemed to end quickly as 60 minute shows turned into 90 minute shows. That's just how long the old episodes were once you took the original material added the modern amount of commercials to it.

Any prime time shows will be butchered to run in a non-prime time slot where the stations can run more ads.

Comment Re:Apple TV (Score 4, Insightful) 165

Sounds like the kind of "secret handshake" that no senior citizen would be able to cope with.

This sort of nonsense is why a "simple" interface really isn't.

This should be a global option in any video interface. If you find yourself fumbling to control this on a per video basis then the interface design is crap.

It doesn't matter how much you want to add to the mindless hype.

Comment Re:what keeps us from switching ? (Score 1) 372

As long as that FOSS database uses the same mental model and basic syntax as one of the commercial RDBMS products, the amount of tribal knowledge lost from your cheapness will be minimized.

The real problem is that you are far too cheap to pay more than one person to be the keeper of the keys and that person you are underpaying so eggregiously underpaid that they will likely leave at the first opportunity.

Comment Re:The great thing about standards (Score 2) 372

This isn't just about Oracle. Everyone decides to do things differently because they each evolve in a vaccum and then once standards do come along, those standards bodies don't have any balls.

If you can't point to a relevant standard that Oracle is ignoring then you have no leg to stand on. That doesn't just go for Oracle but it applies to any other vendor.

Oracle has some features from the mid 90s that competitors are just getting around to implementing now. Sometimes you just have to make something up because there isn't a standard there yet.

Comment Re:what keeps us from switching ? (Score 0) 372

No. Performance is just the wrong thing to be fixating on. Data management systems are not about being fast. They are about being correct. They are also about being robust. What you are really saying is that you don't care about your data.

You're willing to lose everything just to save a buck.

That's the wrong attitude to have regardless of how you decide your data needs to be organized.

Comment Re:Missing Option (Score 1) 196

Of course he's conflated Greek and Roman. Romans were dedicated to the shameless copying of the Greeks.

So conflating the two pantheons should not raise objections from anyone that's not a current member of the cult of Zeus.

Even then, I suspect that such a person in the flesh would not object either.

Comment Re:Longer Life Cycle (Score 1) 385

Sure I get it. You think that your children deserve scraps.

Not everyone thinks like that.

Some kids are appreciative of decent kit and responsible enough to take care of it. If yours aren't, perhaps you should consider that a result of poor parenting.

Intentionally buying crap you know to be inferior ultimately just subverts capitalism.

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