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Comment Re:Stop using the term "Great Recession" (Score 1) 541

> "Great Recession" leaves the impression the only way you can interpret current events is by franchising them out to old historic dramas.

Your remarks do nothing to indicate otherwise really.

The Great Depression isn't just a ugly soundbite. It also marks a fundemental shift in the economic regulatory regime. If you want to get into gruesome, just start talking about what happened BEFORE the Great Depression and how frequent the shenanigans were.

Some idiots want to dismantle that stuff while ignoring the historic context in which it was created to begin with.

So "Great Recession" is not such a bad term.

Comment Re:Lack of commitment (Score 1) 541

> Afraid is the correct word. If you find out someone doesn't work out after a month or two on the job, you will have to fork out some serious severance to make sure they sign a document that says they won't sue you - otherwise, they will sue you for something.

That's just mindless "Trailer Trash for Romney" nonsense.

Comment Re:It Will Only Increase Because of Obamacare (Score 0) 541

Are you kidding? "Job Creators" will be the first people to whine about the corresponding tax increases to cover that kind of scheme.

People like to think money for this kind of stuff just comes from some magical pocket universe somewhere. That's not the case. Spain and Greece are great examples of this.

Comment Re:Sorry (Score 1) 161

> I'm finding trouble having sympathy for this guy.
> He manipulated URLs to access areas that were not publicly visible.

Which really only puts him at the "not suffering from downs syndrome" level of intelligence.

It's a public server. Permission is implicit in the fact that something is world readable. That is what those permissions are for.

Abusing trespass laws to prosecute people that enter public places is just Fascist nonsense.

Comment Re:What this really is (Score 1) 161

> What would be a better word then? He copied information that was not his to copy, accessed by a means not known to the common person.

What he did was actually much simpler than picking a lock.

Attempting to use the "average idiot" standard isn't terribly compelling because that's a moving target. Your claim about the difficulty of this task likely does not hold true across generations.

This "l33t hack" probably a non-Herculean task for many young people just as it seems pretty trivial to any computing professional or hobbyist.

Comment Re:At 48, I got an offer from FB, but... (Score 0) 432

It's not discrimination if you reject people for being feeble.

There's just a higher likelihood of some old person being feeble.

I younger person is just not going to try and cry age discrimination if they are rejected for the same reasons.

The real problem with the Valley and coastal California in general is that the economics doesn't make much sense. It's just too expensive to live there and the seemingly better salaries don't make up for it.

Comment Re:come on (Score 4, Insightful) 530

The NSA is building the machine that our version of the Nazi's will take advantage of.

This is why some things should never be done in a Republic. The current regime might be "nice". However, the next regime might not be so nice.

Once a tool is available, someone can decide to abuse it.

The NSA doesn't make totalitarian regimes, they just make them possible.

Comment Re:come on (Score 4, Insightful) 530

If the jackboot fits...

Theoretically, even Kings are not above the law in the anglo-saxon tradition. What you are seeing right now is frustration being vented over the fact that highly placed public officials seem to be above the law.

If this were France, they might be setting your car on fire right about now.

Comment Re:ONE THING I agree with Chomsky on (Score 0) 530

The problem with your bad attempt at an analogy is that none of those crimes really represent anything personal. The kinds of people that commit those crimes don't care who their victim are. Even a rapist doesn't have any strong preference. It's not personal. You're just unlucky.

On the other hand, terrorism and any other kind of warfare is a form of vendetta.

We use different words for different things because they are distinct.

Comment Re:Retroactively? (Score 1) 279

Greedo initiated the classical "quick draw" from a Western.

Han responded in kind.

If you want to get all modern about it, Greedo was also guilty of assault with a deadly weapon. That's a legally valid reason for defending yourself (or others) in most sane jurisdictions.

Nothing remotely evil on Han's part.

Although it did say something about the kind of people he associated with.

Comment Re:Peh. (Score 0) 279

Anakin is just a talented idiot raised by monks that could not relate to the fact that he had a little personality left in him. There's very little that's heroic about Anakin on the large screen.

They've done him much more justice in cartoons produced by 3rd parties.

That said, we've already been here before. Like anything with this deep space franchise, its' already been done before. So this really should not be a difficult thing to deal with.

You may have suppressed it from your memories, but this has been done before.

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