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Comment classic mode...please! (Score 1) 1124

i just hope there's a 'classic mode'. i'm somewhat used to the office 2007 ribbon, but its lack of user customization is annoying. i just hope they're going to do something 'similar' to the ribbon, like..update their GUI but not make it JUST like the office 2007 ribbon. lets hope for something good out of this.

Comment network inventory management (Score 1) 251

I admin a small company that has about 50 users. We're able to track all of our assets (workstations, servers, monitors, VoIP phones, etc) using a simple excel spreadsheet. we also use spreadsheets that document the hardware configs for our servers and visio for the network set ups. the important thing that I've learned is taking the time to maintain the inventory once you've set up how to track it. if everyone in the department doesn't keep up with it...the inventory is useless.

Comment simple plan (Score 1) 958

here's a simple plan 1. inventory all software that you have media and licenses for. 2. survey all the software that's on individuals computer. take this opportunity to view what they need to use compared to other employees. 3. look at standardized solutions for all users based on what they have then look at options in FOSS or paid software. Present to execs (or however you process your budget) 4. deploy based on response.

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