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Submission + - New Insights In The Evolution Of Intelligence ( writes: "According to a new article published in Scientific American, the nature of and evolutionary development of animal intelligence is significantly more complicated than many have assumed. In opposition to the widely held view that intelligence is largely linear in nature, in many cases intelligent traits have developed along independent paths. From the article: "Over the past 30 years, however, research in comparative neuroanatomy clearly has shown that complex brains--and sophisticated cognition--have evolved from simpler brains multiple times independently in separate lineages ...""
Operating Systems

Submission + - Linux kernel internals from Process Birth to Death

An anonymous reader writes: The creation and management of user-space processes in Linux have many principles in common with UNIX but also include several unique optimizations specific to Linux. Here, review the life cycle of Linux processes and explore the kernel internals for user process creation, memory management, scheduling, and death.

Submission + - Most Web Browsers Fail Password Protection Testing

nandemoari writes: The password management feature in your favorite web browser could be helping identity thieves steal your personal data, according to a survey recently conducted by Chapin Information Services (CIS). Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome are vulnerable to a total of 20 vulnerabilities that could result in exposing your password-related information.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - App Store Bans iPhone App. Developer Goes Beta (

CWmike writes: "A week after Apple Inc. rejected his iPhone application and barred it from selling on the App Store, developer Alex Sokirynsky has turned to a little-known, but still Apple Inc.-approved, distribution channel — its beta test mechanism — to sell his Podcaster app. He was miffed: "I was very surprised," Sokirynsky said. He cited several examples of similar overlap — calculator applications, for example, as well as other music-playing applications — where Apple has allowed third-party developers to sell their wares on the App Store. But not as much as other iPhone developers. One said he was through with Apple. "You have to wonder if Apple wants the App Store to be a museum of poorly designed nibware written by dilettante Mac OS X/iPhone OS switcher-developers and hobbyist students," Fraser Speirs said. "That's what will happen if companies who intend to invest serious resources in bringing an original idea to the App Store are denied a reasonable level of confidence in their expectation of profit.""
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Atheros unveils free Linux driver for its 802.11n (

mcgrof writes: "Atheros has released a shiny new Atheros driver for all their 11n devices aimed for inclusion in the Linux kernel. This new driver has no proprietary HAL and is licensed under the ISC so the BSD community should be able to benefit as well. Note: no firmware required! Hoping rms gets to read this although I doubt he reads slashdot :)"
Wireless Networking

Submission + - SPAM: We're all ears:New Samsung handsets made from corn

alphadogg writes: Samsung Electronics on Monday unveiled two new mobile phones made with plastic made from corn as it expands initiatives aimed at being more nature-friendly. The W510 is the first mobile phone Samsung has ever made using the new corn-based plastic, the company said. Samsung did not use any heavy metals, such as lead, mercury or cadmium, in the handset either. The company has been working on the new plastic as a way to produce more environmentally-friendly materials.
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Journal SPAM: Joomla! A User's Guide : Review 2

It doesn't seem like it has been 3 years since the Mambo dev team split and a new content management system, Joomla! was born. Over the last few years Joomla has grown to be very popular and has very strong developer and user communities. Joomla is extremely flexible and a wide array of extensions exist that allow the system to provide many different capabilit

Technology (Apple)

HyperCard, What Could Have Been 159

bobwrit sends us to Wired for a look back by the author of HyperCard, Bill Atkinson. Quoting: "HyperCard is a programming environment that can create applications as diverse as utilities and games by linking 'cards' arranged into 'stacks.' Commands are executed through a natural-language scripting language called HyperTalk... The software has been phenomenally successful and highly influential. But Atkinson feels that if only he'd realized separate cards and stacks could be linked on different people's machines through the Net — instead of cards and stacks on a particular machine — he would have created the first Internet browser."

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