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Comment And the masses do nothing... (Score 4, Insightful) 356

Is there huge public backlash against Citizens United? Are people marching in the streets against corporate "lobbying"? Are people dumping Comcast because they disagree with their business practices? Will people come out in droves to denounce McGinn's opponent for benefiting from sweet corporate cash? Are the corporations who will do _anything_ to make a profit getting the message that the public disagrees with their business practices?


Stories like this make me upset, because its the same as story about one soldier dying in a war where millions of soldiers are killed. This is one tiny example of how business works in America. Every day in every federal, state, county, and city goverment shit like this happens. Lets have a discussion about that.

Comment Because they used an attractive woman. (Score 5, Interesting) 109

The IT world article explains that the fake account was an attractive woman. The victims who exposed their organizations to attack were men who were trying to "help" this attractive woman in her new position.

New security measure: male employees are castrated upon hire. They tried the same attack with a male profile and received no hits.

Aside from that interesting bit, we have heard this story over and over again: Large organizations contain at least a few stupid people. Those stupid people, who are mostly well intentioned, work around security measures and run Java applets to see the company Christmas card, a card that is actually an attack.

Comment Stop Complaining if you have a FB Account (Score 2, Informative) 115

FaceBook asked the world to raise your hand if you are ok with them using all of your information and habits to get you to click on ads, and every FB account was a hand raised. Even if you only use it to "stay in touch with family and close friends", "I never click ads", "I run AdBlockPlus" ect... You are a number they use to get more money.

Comment Re:Are you really really surprised? (Score 1) 201

If you are hiring a cheap bottom feeder from India, all I can say is "All the best". The low quality work will blow up in your face 1-2 years from now, and no amount of patchwork will fix it. Then you will go to a bar after your layoff and lament how you only get cheap unskilled monkeys from India. But the fact is you are the retard who went bottom feeding and found only slime.

The people who hire the "cheap bottom feeder from India" won't be laid off, they are the ones doing the layoffs. The people mandating that we use the Indian slave labor are 2 levels below CEO. CEO->CTO->Director. Anyone below that has no choice, besides a mass exodus.

Submission + - The Telegraph Says Coding Is For Exceptionally Dull Weirdos ( 1

mikejuk writes: The UK Government is trying to figure out how to teach children to code by changing what is taught in schools. The Telegraph, a leading UK newspaper, has put the other side of the case — Coding is for "exceptionally dull weirdo(s)"
The recent blog post
  by Willard Foxton is an amazing insight into the world of the non-programming mind.
He goes on to say:
"Coding is a niche, mechanical skill, a bit like plumbing or car repair."
So coding is a mechanical skill — I guess he must be thinking of copy typing.
"As a subject, it only appeals to a limited set of people – the aforementioned dull weirdos. There’s a reason most startup co-founders are “the charming ideas guy” paired with “the tech genius”. It’s because if you leave the tech genius on his own he’ll start muttering to himself."
Why is it I feel a bout of muttering coming on?
"If a school subject is to be taught to everyone, it needs to have a vital application in everyday life – and that’s just not true of coding."
Of course it all depends on what you mean by "vital application".
The article is reactionary and designed to get people annoyed and posting comments — just over 600 at the moment- but what is worrying is that the viewpoint will ring true with anyone dumb enough not to be able to see the bigger picture. The same attitude extends not just to programming but to all STEM subjects. The next step in the argument is — why teach physics, chemistry, biology and math (as distinct from arithmetic) to any but exceptionally dumb weirdos.

Comment Re:We're disillusioned with the Defence Sector (Score 1) 289

I might be trolling a bit. I'm also the exact opposite of most people here on Slashdot Conservative, debt-free, military served, pro-gun, pro life, etc etc, lol. And I've never heard of the McD principle, lol.

I guess it's called the Golden Arches Theory of Conflict Prevention but I was joking anways. Im sure that theory doesn't hold true.

Comment Re:We're disillusioned with the Defence Sector (Score 1) 289

China's military capability is growing and we need to be on watch for that.

I seriously can't tell if you're trolling or not, and I'm sorry if you're not but in order for China to even be a minor threat to us they would need to be able to project force beyond their borders, and that requires aircraft carriers, supply ships, and global logistical support. Since their only aircraft carrier is non-operational militarily, and video of their newest fighter jet was stolen from Top Gun, there is nothing to be concerned about. Maybe if I was Taiwan I would be worried, but China is no where near capable of being a threat to the US. Purely militarily speaking of course.

Beyond that, our economies are interdependent. China and the US will not go to war in the foreseeable future for both military and economic reasons.

Besides, the McDonalds principle will prevail: no two nations that have McDonalds have gone to war with each other since the McDonalds was built.

Comment Re:Can I form a LLC and commit crimes? (Score 2) 119

Throw an exec in jail because of this? Absolutely not

I guess I disagree. As a CEO you are responsible for the actions of your company. You sanctioned a plan to use software to recover your property and did not put adequate safeguards or training in place to prevent abuse of that software. As CEO you are responsible.

Comment Re:We're disillusioned with the Defence Sector (Score 1) 289

You are right, we do need to blame the people who are signing the checks that go to the Defence sector. And we need to call them out on the very obvious pattern of politicians who get campaign donations from defence contractors voting for the unnecessary spending.

However, that the way I see it, the Defence sector is doing what it can to make itself rich, not defend the nation. (As it should be doing because as corporations the goal is to make money not the opposite). The defence sector lobbying to continue producing military hardware that even the Pentagon itself says we don't need isn't protecting the nation, its filling a select few's pockets with sweet government cash.

Again, in a different time I could buy that the Defence sector is helping protect the nation. But when our military budget is larger than the next 10 nations combined and we literally outclass every potential enemy in military technology and spending I think the fallacy that continued levels of Defence spending is needed to defend the nation is a bit ludicrous.

Comment Re:We're disillusioned with the Defence Sector (Score 1) 289

I might have been in middle school when 9/11 happened but when I reached the job market I was old enough to have an opinion of the 10 years since 9/11. Maybe in the past working in the defence sector was seen as helping the security of the nation, winning the cold war and such. But for a lot of people my age the defence sector is the enemy. I'm probably not representative of the whole country but anecdotally thats my experience.

Comment Can I form a LLC and commit crimes? (Score 1) 119

If I form a LLC and then commit crimes through that LLC, can I avoid any real punishment like corporations do? Like if I buy a car through my LLC, then I am "on the clock" when I'm driving home from the bar and get a DWI, can I just reach a "settlement" and walk away. I live in wisconsin so probably, DWIs are traffic tickets on your first offence.

When will people (as in the majority of people) start caring that there is a 2 class system of law in America, the haves and the have nots. Corporations and rich people dont go to jail.

Comment We're disillusioned with the Defence Sector (Score 1) 289

I'm pretty sure I would fall in the category that we're talking about. I'm in the first half of my 20s and have a BS in Computer Engineering. I'm actually really interested in Cybersecurity, despite the vagueness of that term. I worked on a steganography project in one of my courses that I feel would provide the benefits of encryption combined with the benefits of steganography, and that would be of interest to a lot of groups right now.

However since the people around my age grew up under the Patriot Act, and now the NSA spying fiasco theres no way any of us want to work for Raytheon. We know what Raytheon does, we don't want to work for a company that profits from war and death. We want to work against Raytheon. I know I could make a ton of money anywhere in the Defence sector. I could also make a lot of money in the Financial sector. I turned down an interview at the CME on ethical grounds.

When Raytheon says "cybersecurity" they mean "helping governments (not just the US goverment) spy on domestic and foreign citizens, and helping Chertoff in his "cyber cold war". Sorry, some of us would rather feel at least indifferent about what we do instead of feeling like we are actively hurting real freedom and spreading conflict as well paid pawns of the Defence sector.

Comment Why hold them to higher standard? (Score 2) 238

I would nap and probably do a bunch of much worse stuff too if I were them. My other buddies from the academy are stationed in tropical paradises picking up the locals when they go on leave, General Sleeps with His Biographer is getting some, and here I am stuck in America's asscrack buried deep in a bunker with another guy who won't shut up and keeps eating my lunch out of the fridge.

Seriously do these guys get hardship pay or anything? Is it a rotational program where they get to go somewhere better after they do their time in the bunker? Or is this really just the worst assignment in the Air Force?

Anecdotally by buddy's father who is in the Air Force Reserve was deployed somewhere in the Arabian Sea doing logistical support for the operations over there. He said it was the best vacation he ever went on. He loaded and unloaded planes, planes that sometimes came frequently and sometimes did not. When he wasn't loading and unloading planes he was playing golf, hitting the beach, or hanging out with his fellow airmen. I would be pretty envious if I were stuck in a bunker in Idaho.

Submission + - 5 Year Mission Continues After 45 Year Hiatus (

Okian Warrior writes: Hackaday brings us news about a continuation of the original Star Trek series. The Kickstarter-funded project is attempting to complete the original 5 year mission, which ended after only three seasons on the air. The fan based and fan supported reincarnation is cleverly titled “Star Trek Continues” and has CBS’s consent.

Check out the first episode "Pilgrim of Eternity". For being fan-made, it's actually pretty good.

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