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Comment Re:Dolphins vs Syrians? (Score 4, Insightful) 628

Why is it that some people seem to care more about the death of 200 dolphins than the death of 200,000 Syrians?

Why is it that some people care more about the death of 200,000 Syrians than the death of over a million jews during WWII?

See? I can find a bigger problem too.

It might have something to do with WWII ending in the 1940's while the dolphin 'slaughter' and the Syrian conflict are current.

Submission + - More details about Mars mystery rock (

GPS Pilot writes: Previous reports said the rock that suddenly appeared out of nowhere was merely 'the size of a jelly doughnut.' Now, a color image shows additional reasons for this metaphor: 'It's white around the outside, in the middle there's kind of a low spot that's dark red,' said lead scientist Steve Squyres. In the image, the object does stick out like a sore thumb amidst the surrounding orange rocks and soil. Its composition is 'like nothing we've ever seen before. It's very high in sulfur, it's very high in magnesium, it's got twice as much manganese as we've ever seen in anything on Mars.' If it's just a random rock that had been kicked into position by one of the rover's wheels, chances are it would not be 'like nothing we've ever seen before.'

Comment 1) yes, 2) no (Score 5, Interesting) 134

Yes we need it. That shouldn't even be a question. Did we need transistors? Did we need the keyboard, the mouse, the gui, the network, the Internet, modern web browsers, tablets, cell phones?

Are we ready? No. I do not believe so.

We are not ready for google glass on at least two fronts: privacy and self control.

Are you mad about google+ integration? Ok, then do you really think google glass will continue the trend of the ever watching google or will it reverse the trend?
Would you be ok with Google mining your "anonymized" glass data to build a better profile on you? Would you be ok with Google mining someone elses "anonymized" glass data to build a profile on you?
What about when glass data becomes part of what law enforcement / the government can subpoena?
Are you upset when you try to install a flashlight app and it tells you it needs full access to all your contacts, current calls, and the network? Wanna bet that all google glass apps are going to want full access to your current location, your vision, your hearing, what you say, and who you are with?

We aren't ready to deal with that yet, because as a society we still haven't found a current level of privacy and usefulness that strikes a balance. I think that there is a balance, but as users of the devices/services we just don't have enough power or information.

On top of privacy, we just don't have the self control and awareness to not do stupid things online. It will only get worse if we start using always-on, internet connected wearable devices. And I'm not referring to anyone who uses social media and the internet responsibly, I'm referring to the people who aren't informed and aware of the implications of uploading something to social media or posting it online.

How often do we hear about some highschooler suspended/expelled because he/she said or posted something stupid on facebook. Something completely harmless but since it is out of context for all the world to see, there are consequences. Furthermore, revenge porn is now getting into the courts, and its not just an angry ex leaking a sextape that two adults made, there are tons of people that don't realize that chatting naked with a stranger on the internet is a really good way to have that video posted to every shady corner of the web. For ever. Videos and pics of drunk college parties are preventing people from getting jobs upon graduation because they never realized that posting that time you pissed off the balcony at your frat house would show up on some HR person's search of you.

We just haven't caught up yet as a society. That doesn't mean there are completely responsible informed people who would use google glass in positive ways, it means there are a lot of idiots who are going to do something stupid then cry when their life is fucked up because of something stupid they didn't mean to have broadcast to the world.

I don't think that means we shouldn't move forward with google glass, I just don't think we ready as a society to use wearable computing devices responsibly.

Comment Re:Inside job? (Score 1) 250

Visa first warned about these types of attacks targeting grocery merchants, but said merchant segment is vulnerable. According to Visa, these types memory parser malware attacks have been found only targeting Windows-based operating systems.

This one is my favorite. Why any retailer is running Windows on a POS PC is beyond anyone that knows how computers work. It should be illegal.

Um...everyone uses Windows on POS PCs. Usually a customized WinXP embedded install. Windows devs are cheap, and a lot of the POS app work is outsourced to places it seems are more comfortable with windows.

Retailers aren't tech companies. There is usually a small group of IT people who are part POS engineers, part vendor management. Most retailers rely on vendors or other companies to provide them with complete systems and support/installation services.

Comment PCI DSS? (Score 1) 250

PCI-DSS was created to hold merchants to some kind of security standards. There are huge fines if your payment processing system isn't compliant.

Details aren't really that clear, but do we know if Target was in violation of the requirements? Or is this a case of PCI-DSS compliance not guaranteeing security? From what I remember of PCI-DSS, it was a good start but not comprehensive. It seemed more focused on preventing someone from swapping out a legitimate credit card processing device with a compromised one, preventing snooping on the local network, and avoiding having normal unsecured POS devices do credit processing. This attack was at Target's corporate processing core it seems so I don't even know if PCI-DSS applies.

Comment Re:This is a PR move. (Score 1) 284

When contractors raised concerns, CMS told them that "failure is not an option" and that everything has to work october 1.

From the article linked in the summary:

Late last summer, CGI executives had expressed confidence to CMS that they could deliver a functioning, scaled-back version of the marketplace by the Oct. 1 start day. But a week before the launch, the company had failed to deliver on 45 percent of those tasks, according to documents obtained by The Washington Post.

I'm sure it was both. CMS said failure isn't an option and CGI and the rest of the contractors made really optimistic project plans.

Rest assured that no one at CMS will be disciplined or fired over this.

Resignations don't count?

Comment Is Google the new M$? (Score 4, Insightful) 373

Seriously will ./ try to slant anything to make Google look bad? Co-Opt a boat? Did Google storm the boat by force and take it over like nerdy pirates? Or did Google negotiate a contract with a company to use one of their boats? If whale watching is in such crazy demand that Google using a boat for 30 days is ruining the season then it sounds like there is a great business opportunity for someone to start another whale watching tour company.

Why isn't anyone bitching about the owners of the boat letting Google use it? Becuase that wouldn't get ./'s pantys in a knot. Thats why.

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