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Comment Will Be Abused (Score 2) 172

This will be abused. Either the autistic employees will be abused or the non autistic employees will be abused because they are not performing as well as the autistic employees. I think it's a really good thing that these people are being given opportunities, I just don't know how their "talents" won't be exploited by management. Low social functions could also mean not really speaking out when asked (forced) to work 12 hour days.

Maybe I jump to cynical conclusions but it seems generalizing autistic people as some kind of software super people and then seeking to hire them is a bit like generalizing asians as good at math and seeking to hire them into math intensive positions.

Comment I like cooking (Score 1) 242

This is probably really cool for a lot of the worlds people that may not have access to the technology required to preserve food.

But I like cooking. Its one of the last things that I do that is kind of not actively involved with technology. Of course technology is involved in every process of growing/producing food but theres something cool about taking a bunch of raw ingredients and using basic tools (cast iron, fire) to create delicious food. I don't want that to go away.

Comment Re:Jealous (Score 1) 243

I don't advocate that we cheer anything, just pointing out that it's just MS being a sore loser. If MS could do what google does, they would be doing it. Business isnt about morals, its about money. If MS or Google could make money from killing kittens and tripping grandmas they would.

It's disingenuous for MS to criticize Google for doing something that MS is also currently doing, just not as well.

Comment Jealous (Score 5, Insightful) 243

It just seems like MS is jealous that Google is making money hand over fist. Microsoft tried to do the same thing Google did. They have a search engine and advertising business. They just aren't as good at it as Google. Tracking is pretty independent of what browser you use anyways. Besides, people don't give a shit that they are being monetized. People still use facebook don't they? And people do realize, to some probably limited extent, that facebook is all about monetizing them.

Comment Other comments were insulting (Score 5, Insightful) 261

The comments cited by TFA weren't the problem in my opinion. He has a unpopular viewpoint on a subject that a lot of his former employer's customer base feels strongly about but the other comments basically insulting people who don't live in large metro areas are the firing offence to me.

I can't find the quotation so this is from memory but someone responded to his tweet by saying "sometimes the internet is spotty in other areas of the country like Kansas and that's why always on would suck" and Orth responded "why would anyone live there". That's pretty much a big fuck you to a large part of the country. Not a wise move to disparage millions of potential customers. I think that comment and the attitude it conveys is a bigger problem than him stating his opinion about "always on".

Submission + - Are the two parties tricking you into believing they are the only choice? (

dprimary writes: "I ran across last night while looking at the election coverage. I decided to try it out, and it picked my choices from my early ballot correctly. Looking through the results on the state by state level, I noticed that Johnson would have good chance at winning, if people voted following their beliefs and not feel like they are wasting their vote. So are the main parties tricking the public into wasting their votes?"

Comment Stroustrup (Score 1) 1

Stroustrup's The C++ Programming Language might seem like more of a reference but it contains a lot of design methodologies from the guy who created the language, so I used it as my starting point. I graduated in 2011 with similar experience to you, Java and some C but no C++, and I currently do embedded software engineering professionally.

What really helped me learn the language and good design skills was working with someone that had a lot of experience and who also liked sharing that experience with a newbie.


Submission + - Best book to learn C++? 1

froggymana writes: I'm currently a freshman studying Computer Engineering and am a little disappointed in my school for starting us out with 3 terms of Java. We don't get to take any C++ classes until our junior year or so, but yet most employers in the embedded field couldn't care less about Java and would rather see C/C++ experience. Every internship I've looked wants to see 2+ years of C/C++ experience. Learning C++ when the school wants me to just doesn't seem like a good option. There a ton of options available for learning programming, such as MIT"s OCW and dozens of books. Slashdot, what would you recommend to someone with a fair amount of programming experience to learn C++?

Submission + - Facebook Data Retention? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: I know that Facebook has been pretty shady with keeping people's data, and is generally all about maximizing what they can retain, but I thought that deleting my account would eliminate everything from them. Now, a year after I deleted my account (full delete, not deactivate), I found reason to rejoin. Surprisingly, when I came back on, Facebook suggested all of my old friends to me again. What gives?

Submission + - iTunes 10.5 may not be compatible with older AMD c (

An anonymous reader writes: Reports are starting to appear in Apple's Support forums that iTunes 10.5 won't play MP3 files on some computers — early indications are pointing to older AMD CPUs. It is reported that songs sound like fingernails on a chalkboard. Audio files purchased through the iTunes Store are not effected, probably because they are encoded in a different format.

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