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Comment saw this coming (Score 1) 165

I remember when all imeem did was stream music. Then they added all those stupid social networking and profile modifications to make it more like Myspace. Everyone was complaining that it was turning into Myspace. Then surprise, surprise, they literally turn into Myspace. Who didn't see this coming? Maybe if they'd have spent some development time on making their site stable instead of making it cute and adding stupid features, they wouldn't have ended this way. I guarantee Myspace isn't going to revive it in any remotely similar form. They're just going to reroute playlists to to the bands' pages and that's it.

Comment Re:More life (Score 1) 95

People tend to be arrogant - we don't know of anything outside ourselves and so it must not exist. Strangely, and I do find it quite strange, many of my fellow Christians intimate that there cannot be life anywhere but here. How that fits with belief in someone else we cannot see or prove, I don't know. It seems to me best to suggest that there might be aliens and there might not be. If the purpose of the universe does not involve such (again, remembering I am a Christian here), then they would not exist. If their existence does fit in with God's plan, then they certainly exist (some have suggested that this is perhaps the identity of "angels" from CS Lewis to various others). The question then becomes not, do they exist, but, what relevance to life on earth do other beings elsewhere have (which might change should there ever be a point of contact).

Comment Evil? (Score 1, Informative) 303

In the USA the local police department usually sponsors a fingerprint drive where elementary age kids get a coloring book or something for surrendering their fingerprints. Those records are kept in a central location. Moreover, to get any job with a state or federal employer, you must submit to digital fingerprinting. To get a drivers license you get your picture taken. All those biometrics are stored in a central location. Israel is just being smart about it and storing everything in a digital format. Less secure, maybe, but way easier to search through than a pile of papers in some filing cabinet.

So its really not that bad, unless you really want to live off the grid or something.

Submission + - New sensory system found in the skin (

mmmscience writes: Researches have found a new sensory system in the skin that is completely separate from the traditional nerve network that gives us the sense of touch. The new system, comprised of sensory nerves found on blood vessels and sweat glands, is not nearly as potent, but does allow people to sense temperatures and textures. The research suggests that the system may play a role in chronic pain disorders such as migraines and fibromyalgia, conditions whose causes remain a mystery.

Comment DUH! (Score 1) 671

All he is saying is that if you want complete privacy you shouldn't be using the cloud or internet services. Everyone already knows this. Apply a real world scenario:
You are a criminal, and you don't want to be found. Intuitively you would not open a checking account under your real name, get a membership at the local fitness club, or do anything else that someone looking for you will use to find you.

How is Google any different? They have to abide by laws, that means surrendering user data when required legally by law enforcement (illegally is an entirely different matter). If you want complete privacy, don't use google. I never ever for one second think that what I type and send across the internet is private, unless it is explicitly said so and the connection is encrypted. I think that its pretty common sense to assume so.

Comment Don't act like an Intern (Score 1) 325

I am a Computer Engineering student and for the past few years I have been interning at a Fortune 500.
Don't act like an Intern. If you act like an Intern, you will always be looked at as an Intern. Remember, the goal of your internship is to possibly land a job at that company, or at least to have them recommend you to a new employer. You don't want everyone always telling you to do their odd jobs and shit, so show that you are more valuable than that. For the first few months or so, find someone that likes to teach, and become their student. Learn as much about corporate life as you do about technology. Then, start taking on projects of your own. Show that given a assignment, you can complete it and compile a report to present to your boss. Once they see that you are independent, you will be a valuable asset even though your technical skills may still need to develop. And 8$/hr, wtf? I made more than that stocking cans at the local grocery store. Sorry to be such a dick but you are worth more than that. Are you working in China or India by any chance?

Comment Re:Is it just me ? (Score 5, Informative) 173

Amdahl's law is not like Moore's "law". Amdahl's law is an observation of mathematics. You can't ever get around the fact that if you increase the performance of 90% of the instructions in a program, you still have to deal with the other 10%. Even if you increase the performance of 90% of the instructions by 100x or something large, if the other 10% take a long time (like disk access) its going to kill your performance.

Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 1) 575

I finally figured out why you can't divide by zero; 10/2=5, 5/2=2.5, but if you use numbers smaller than one it is reversed; 1/.5=2, 1/.05=20, so anything divided by zero would be infinity. Is the universe infinite?

You can't divide by zero because it is irrational. Take a set of objects in you home and divide them into 0 groups. You are correct, however, that as you take the limit of x as it approaches zero, 1/x goes to infinity. Taking limits as numbers approach zero or infinity (positive or negative) is a fundamental of differential calculus. Limits is how we work around the cant divide by zero problem. BTW, if you get a correct answer about the nature of the universe, let me know. I don't believe we have determined that yet.

Comment Re:Garbage collector? (Score 1) 587

Java has a concept of "new," but it doesn't have a "delete." (Well, the concept exists behind the cutain, but programmers never delete things themselves when using Java.)

finalize() is what the GC called to destroy an object. Every object inherits it from the Object class (duh), so if you want to do some memory management yourself, go ahead and give finalize() a call.

Comment Infinite Loop (Score 1) 453

A0:Big news corp. tells public they must pay for content. GOTO A1

A1:Consumers don't want to pay for sub-par content. Consumers tell (by not giving big news corp their $$) big news corp. they will pay if content is worth paying for. GOTO A2

A2:Big news corp. tells consumers they must pay for content because big news corp. must pay "journalists" to create better content. GOTO A1

Thats just how I see the situation.

Comment Re:A third of a mile makes it a moon? (Score 1) 102

Yes, you can. Although you may have to apply a "let" suffix.

See:Natural Satellite. "There is no established lower limit on what should be considered a moon. Every body with an identified orbit, some as small as a kilometer across, has been identified as a moon, though objects a tenth that size within Saturn's rings, which have not been directly observed, have been called moonlets. Small asteroid moons, such as Dactyl, have also been called moonlets."

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