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Comment Re:Get rid of those things (Score 1) 944

Actually Mr. Know It All. Almost everyone I know (which is alot) switched to CFL YEARS AGO. AS IN APPROX. 7 years. It would have happened sooner if not for availability. But maybe your right. Us being so ignorant and stupid (I guess that covers everything doesn't it). Since that time I'm sure it was passed onto other HOME OWNERS. It was the Home owners seeking the savings rather that Renters or Apt. Dwellers. They are the hold out it seems and would have been NO MATTER WHERE ON THE GLOBE. SIN

Comment Re:Well... (Score 0) 1063

What you clueless folks don't get is the each country on the list has they're own "Corporation's" or whomever that is calling the shots. The difference is that they think in a like minded way. In the US those brought up without a core value(s) are prone to live a choatic life guided by slack behaviour. We are all allowed to live in a semi dream world wishing we had a lead role in a Utopian dream till we check out. Blah Blah Blah.

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