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Comment Semi loving my Dumb Phone (Score 0) 851

I could argue that I have Internet at work and home to whats the point but also how my life was much QUIETER and simpler when I didn't have a phone. Seriously thinking of pitching it altogether. I had a Motorola Droid (original) for a little more than a year and then SMASHED the damn thing and rolled back to a standard phone. I have not regretted the move back. SIN

Comment Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Yadda Yadda (Score 0) 152

If the do not observe our Ownership and insist on copying then we should do the same. Take care trying this because our own GOV has been bought and paid for by China and our bastard of a Congress will make sure your made an example of. Didn't we go through a period of this with Japan and Taiwan...maybe this will all blow over (fat chance).

Comment Re:Of course... (Score 1) 542

Corporations gotta pay sometime. Sooner the better. No good scumbags like Balmer lobbying like hell to avoid raising Capital Gains tax in WA State even tho it would help out the State's Education System. F them all for being Greedy Pig Bastards. Google's top guys opted for a $1 a year salary. You know thats a Fing kick in the teeth for the rest of us.

Comment Re:Everyone (Score 1) 276

BS. We fight these Wars because someone is looking to get something out of it. Spreading Democracy is such an Out & Out LIE! You really think we're fighting for the people and our Headshed's don't have an Agenda? Anyone care to guess what country gets Money from US citizens who in turn write it off on their taxes? That's a F*CKING ..........loss for words because its messed up. SIN

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