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Comment Re:The two I legally need to have to go about my d (Score 1) 380

Then I hope you're happy and wish you luck on your own fantasy world where everybody is evil and crime is waiting for you around every corner. I sincerely hope you don't get shot by the guy next to you, who feel threatened just because he accidentally saw your gun, and thought you where after him.

Now I really feel sad for you, living at that level of fear. Do you dock and grab your gun everytime an old vehicle backfires or there is a loud sound? If not, then you should be worried, because the second shot is the one that may actually hit you.
I won't tell you where I live, 'cuz I don't want you around here carrying your concealed gun. (obviously here you'll be an outlaw).
Have you ever traveled abroad? Leave town? your bunker?

Finally I really, really hope your kids NEVER find your gun. (I'm sure everyone was certain the gun was off-limits for the kids)
Also do your deepest effort not to become this guy

Comment Re:The two I legally need to have to go about my d (Score 2) 380

No, he will probably threaten you with a knife or similar. And of course you will respond giving your stuff away. With a gun the chances of something to go wrong increases exponentially, for yourself and innocent bystanders

I feel sorry for you, living in constant fear, so afraid that you feel the need to carry a gun. I'm lucky to live in a country where you can go almost everywhere without being paranoid that anyone around you is a criminal with the ability to hurt you from ten meters away.
Now, if you excuse me, I will enjoy the evening with my 4 year old daughter, riding a bike and playing ball at the public park across the street.

Comment Re:The two I legally need to have to go about my d (Score 1) 380

I didn't even think about suicide.
I'm thinking about the chances for an attacker to get your gun and use it against you. (you are not always threatened form 10 meters away. you know?) and after that using your gun in upcoming felonies.
BTW ... Hanging is very popular around here, so there is no actual need for a gun to commit suicide.
Less guns in the hands of civilians also means less chances for criminals to get these guns.

Comment Re:The two I legally need to have to go about my d (Score 5, Interesting) 380

And the single biggest thing you can do to increase your odds of dying in a plane crash is fly on a plane. Except it's much, much more likely for an unarmed person to get shot than to have a plane crash into your house. You're an idiot.

Nope. Is more likely for an armed person to get shot (accidentally or not).... by his own gun. Also many more chances for criminals to obtain a new gun.

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