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Comment Re:Great. And Flash continues to be a plague (Score 1) 139

Its not like Adobe is creating a whole new proprietary flash player or other technology. Its just a video player. They are using (the to be flash replacement) HTML5 as a flash replacement. As the article says, other companies are already doing the same thing with their players. Adobe just made creating the same kind of dual players easier for all.

Comment Re:Let Them (Score 1) 1123

Personally if I was able to tape encounters with police it would help with trust. I've had more good encounters with police than bad and am very happy that they are there when you need them. But whenever dealing with police I would like to have a recording. Not just to keep people nice but to have a record of the event.

Comment A sphincter says what? (Score 1) 551

wtf, how do you get modded +5 for that? Mitt may be looser but all that video shows is someone asking loaded question. While your at it why don't you post the video of Hillary crying, some of the race wars crap, or Mitt hearing whispers. Stop watching the 24 hour news channels!

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