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Comment Re:less anonymous early days of internet (Score 1) 491

In the 90's it went the other way when the internet suddenly became "popular", flat rate monthly pricing was introduced, and suddenly all the plebs could afford it. Yes I remember things were quite civilized in the CompuServe forums, at $6/hour + connection charges. I used to play a MUD called "Island of Kesmai", and those of us who played it were very friendly and we helped each other out. Then Kesmai corp decided to "upgrade" their game to real graphics and host it on GameStorm for $10 a month. Almost instantly it was filled with trolls, beggars, thieves and other scoundrels who wanted your stuff for free or were prepared to break the rules of the game to get it. Flat rate may be a money-maker, but we went from a 5 star exclusive restaurant to McDonald's.

Comment Re:Simply put, it can't. (Score 1) 491

Tell that to US prosecutors. They're about to throw the book at a teenager who was "virtually" shooting classmates through an app on his phone that superimposed a FPS style "gun" on his camera output. The only thing the prosecution has to go on is "intent", because no one was actually shot, and no one was threatened. There wasn't even the possibility to carry out a threat or shooting, because there was no weapon involved. BUT the kid ends up in jail. So yeah I think the US thinks it CAN regulate or legislate intent. Take care lest you commit a thought crime, citizen.

Comment Re:Lie (Score 3, Insightful) 491

The terms of service do not have the full force of civil or criminal law - despite the providing company wanting them to. You can break the ToS all you want and I promise the SWAT team won't come and break down your door. Unless of course you're breaking the law as well.

Comment Re:Lie (Score 1) 491

Don't have a "mobile phone". Oh the alternative is sending it to a different email address - I think that's what either gmail or hotmail does not. Since I have a few websites, creating a temporary email account is rather simple.

Comment Re:Yet a zip gun is so easy to make (Score 1) 133

I don't even think it counts as a milestone in 3D printing. It is essentially *is* a zip gun. The hard part of the finished *system*, whether it's a printed plastic gun or a zip gun, is in the ammunition. A "gun" such as this simply provides a source of mechanical impact to ignite the primer in a cartridge. A nail and rubber band can perform that trick.

When you can 3D print, on a printer that is within the price range of a consumer, a gun that approaches the reliability, accuracy, and ergonomics of a cheap handgun, that'd be a milestone.

Comment Re:Nice (Score 0) 182

Radical religious fundies from all denominations don't sit all day in front of keyboards. They sit in churches/temples/mosques/synagogues all day, reinforcing their BS beliefs to each other and doing what the priest/pastor/rabbi/imam tells them to do. Computers are generally viewed as "bad" and a source of "sin" by all these religious types because churches have always known that if the sheep don't come into the temple enough they stop believing in all the magic, so anything that keeps them away from worship (read that as servitude to the priest class) is evil. I know this because my ex wife turned into a radical christian loonie. And now she's my ex wife.

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