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Comment Re:An Easier Route (Score 1) 340

I hope the crackers seriously stick it to them. Copyright length, game DRM and licensing really don't make any sense to me. Honestly I really am upset that I paid for ~$40 for Contra on the NES back in 1990 only to have to pay $8 for it on the Wii today with no ability to transfer it from that device to another. How many more times must I pay for the Contra license to what is the exact same game?


You're welcome to play it on your NES as much as you want, for as long as you want, for that same $40.

Comment Re:Boeing tried this with Connexion. And failed. (Score 1) 303

Connexion was primarily on international flights, and used satellites. It was a lot more expensive to install ($500,000 per plane) and significantly more expensive to use.

I once payed $29.95 for Connexion for a 12 hour flight. Seems about the same as $10 for a domestic flight... maybe even cheaper

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