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Submission + - Slashdot Posts Another Bogus Off Topic Story (slashdot.org) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Once again, slashdot.org (supposedly a tech blog), posts a bogus political hit piece that has absolutely nothing to do with technology. Do the editors of slashdot.org realize that acting as a tool for the far left will just drive away readers who prefer their tech blogs to be about tech and not about political propaganda?

Submission + - You Are Not Mark Zuckerberg, So Stay In School

theodp writes: Over at TechCrunch, Vivek Wadhwa offers some don't-be-a-fool-stay-in-school advice to students that sounds a bit like an old-school Mr. T PSA. TechCrunch CEO Michael Arrington's questioning of whether students need to get any degree or go to college at all may sound appealing — dropouts Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates did do alright for themselves — but Wadhwa gives some good reasons why you should probably take the school-is-for-chumps argument with a grain of salt. 'The harsh reality,' warns Wadhwa, is that for every Zuckerberg, there are a thousand who drop out of college and fail,' and many big companies won't even consider hiring you for that fallback job without a degree. And, believe it or not, you can still become a tech billionaire later in life even if you're cursed with a PhD.

Submission + - Windows 95 Turns 15

An anonymous reader writes: 15 years ago on this day, Microsoft's then new Windows 95 was released. Among other things it moved users away from the archaic file manager and program manager to Windows explorer and the start menu. Compared to today's "social desktop", I'd much rather have the simpler and more sparese (pre Internet Explorer integrated) Windows Explorer, though I do not like the (lack of) stability that Windows 95 offers. Of course if you were alive then, you've probably seen the commercials.

Submission + - Nvidia's GTX 460: Competition Once Again? (techreport.com)

NervousNerd writes: Nvidia's first DirectX 11 offerings ran hot and offered a negligible performance difference compared to ATI's Radeon HD 5800 series for the cost. Also missing was the $200 mid-range part. But that stopped when Nvidia released the GTX 460 based on a modified version of their infamous Fermi architecture. The GTX 460 offers incredible performance for the price and soundly beats ATI's $200 offering the HD 5830.

Submission + - Bad Company 2 No Better Than MW2 After All.. (electronicarts.co.uk)

An anonymous reader writes: Remember when DICE placated Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as being better because it had dedicated servers? While it still may have dedicated servers (that are hosted by EA's partners), it appears that there will be no new map packs until Bad Company 2: Vietnam is released later this year for $30 and includes 4 maps. Quite naturally players are up in arms over it because there are still bugs that haven't been removed since the game was released back in March. That's too bad since Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 were excellent games for their time.

Submission + - What's Happening With SkyOS?

Stephen writes: I paid to be on the SkyOS beta team several years ago. Development has been "suspended" and the lead developer has not answered any emails that I've sent him. From what I've heard, a good portion of the SkyOS code is actually just lifted GPL stuff. Does any other Slashdotter know what's up with SkyOS?

Comment Game Manuals... (Score 1) 400

Ubisoft is digging themselves a hole that they most likely will not get out of. With DRM and now the lack of game manuals, I doubt they'll even last 3 years.

On another note, I rather like having a physical copy (read: paper) of the manual. I like reading the manual before I get the game installed (for example, as soon as I purchase a game). And then there's the fact that I may want to read the manual when I'm playing the game. I can't read a PDF while I'm playing a game, unless things have drastically changed (no, I should not have to purchase a 2nd monitor).

And then there are games like Grand Theft Auto that include large colorful poster/maps of the in game world. Whenever I play a GTA game, I usually post the map above my computer as a reference. That's a reason why I've never purchased a GTA game (I don't even know if the digital versions include the map as a PDF file) through digital distribution (eg: Steam). For one, my printer can not print pages that large. Secondly, since I would have to print a rather large and colorful page, it would eat through my ink. And then there's the fact that (for an example) the GTA games are cheaper at retail than on Steam. I can (and did get) GTA4 for $20 several months ago, while on Steam it's still $30. I got the older games years ago, but today III, Vice City and San Andreas can all be had for $10 each.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How Do I Fight Russian Site Cloners? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I used to run a small web design service--the domain for which, I allowed to expire after years of non-use. A few weeks ago, I noticed that my old site was back online at the old domain. The site-cloners are now using my old email addresses to gain access to old third-party web services accounts (invoicing tools, etc.) and are fraudulently billing my clients for years of services. I've contacted the Russian site host, PayPal, and the invoicing service. What more can I do? Can I fight back?

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