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Comment Re:Not much to report. (Score 1) 961

So your contention is that the majority are loud-mouth blow-hards and the majority should, therefore, shut up, think and vote? I hope you aren't waiting to for that to happen. You'd be better waste your time sitting on the street eating donated pizza and babbling - at least you get a free pizza. If I wanted political change, I'd go with bloody revolution. It, at least, has a reasonable track record of success

Comment Re:Apple isn't about product anymore. (Score 1) 368

If you understood the phenomenon that is Apple right now, you'd think twice before picking a fight.

Apple can be beaten (phones), sometimes even comprehensively (desktop operating systems).

The problem is, HP is a particularly stodgy company, and the contrast between the two companies is striking in this case.

Also, HP's reputation is pig-shit when it comes to support, but that's another story entirely...

Comment Re:Time to play Devil's Advocate (Score 0) 417

It would be rather simple to find out if this was the case - ask her ex-boss if he fired her over them, find out if she was shunned by coworkers over the images, etc.

Surely, the options in those cases would be:
(a) Sue the boss
(b) Sue the co-workers

Or - and this is my favourite - just sue herself. After all, she was the idiot that left them outside.

Personally, I'm sticking with lawsuit-happy money-grabber...

Comment Re:Discover Magazine has fallen for it (Score 1) 112

I know, RTFA is not commonly a part of the commenting procedure in these parts.

But maybe - before posting that, you could *at least* RTLFP (read the last f*n paragraph):

"Parker is releasing his data as a press release, so keep an eye on your favorite (or least favorite) news organizations to see who bites on the sham cell tower-fertility connection."

Or, failing that, RTFURL (read the f*n URL): the-difference-between-causation-correlation/

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