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Comment What does those stones cost? (Score 1) 160

They cost a million bucks and they don't.
Huh?..Can i bring them home? : Yes and no!
WTF?? : Perhaps!

Jokes aside, i think entangled wedding rings would sell pretty well.
What about entangled ethernet cards for finance banks and hardcore gamers.
Or entangled radiators. Throw some in the Sahara dessert and sell the entangled cast iron opposites for $2.000 each :-O

Comment Invest in better compilers (Score 1) 482

Add an optional compile directive (attribute) to the script object to enable compilation as weakly typed code.
An IDE could help out with typing issues.
Compiled JS would do the crunching while regular JS would handle UI events and talk to JSON services.
Killing JS would be like trying to strangle yourself with your bare hands.
Be my guest :)) LOL

Comment To early for Aprils fool (Score 1) 990

It was 23:00 in the morning when the post man woke me up. Wooooot!
We could also skip time zones completely!
Time should be determined by your exact longitude.
This post shall also serve as the patent pending for the GPS enabled smart phone app. "every time".

This might be a problem to the airforce though. Fighter pilot flight logs might be a litle bit difficult to enterpretate.

CmdrTaco maaaaan?

Comment Re:Who says that the Higgs has any mass at all (Score 1) 190

Thanks for the reply.

            In fact, even if the Standard Model is wrong, something has to fix this issue at an energy scale below 1 TeV

Well then it should even be detectable at Fermilab's Tevatron. Maybe it is not self interactive like the photon.
But the next big question is.
What will it mean if the Higgs is discovered, except from finishing an almost 40 year old hunt for the missing puzzle piece. Knowing that it exists?
Considering all the years and efforts spend on searching, the discussion on what such new knowledge could be used for, has been surprisingly absent.

Comment Who says that the Higgs has any mass at all (Score 1) 190

It seems like all the questions about the Higgs particle and it's properties is everybody's best guess.
The energy of the Higgs could be as high as 10^16 TeV implied by the standard model.
If it is just above 100 TeV then we wont be able to produce it in our labs anywhere in the near future. 10^16 TeV then forget about it.
Maybe we should spend more time on physics models that can be tested instead of hanging on to wild theories with hundreds of free parameters that nobody understands anyway.
All this guessing is really just turning science into a religion.
Try with some new ideas.

Comment Hard to top (Score 1) 288

Blasphemy is the first word that comes in to my mind.
Blade Runner was so unique at is time, among movies like Star Wars, Space Odyssey 2010 that it is hard to believe that it can be topped.
Maybe it will continue in a 2010 parallel universe?
Even thou it was right in many aspects, except from flying cars, man made climate
changes (that haven't happened yet). And got pretty close to the world that we live in today, regards to genetics use of handheld devices. It was too dark and mysterious to be real. But never the less awesome.
The story and the cast was absolutely perfect. Just can't be topped. But perhaps Mr. Harrison Ford could appear once
more, as the old Rick Decard. The only surving replicant. Please don't keep him alive as a cold stiff 3D character.

Hopefully the new movie won't be driven by the a desperate need of finances in the midst of our economical crisis.

Anyways this is one movie that I will be ready to wait for.
Please take your time to do it right.

Comment Don't look into that laser! (Score 1) 291

This would awesome for presentations. Burning down the whole f"#€ building :O
Except for burning down incoming ordinance, what else could it do?

Could it burn holes on the surface of the moon? or astroids?
If so we could check for Helium 3 on the moon with out sending probes = cheap.

How about mining, burning holes for termal energy wells?

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