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Comment Slash Poll (Score 0) 405

This subject should be on the slash poll!

What did NASA find:

Artificial life
Third encounter
Intelligent life on earth
Unknown STD found on the international space station
Cowboy Neal discovered in a valley on Mars

Comment Ooh this is good stuff (Score 0) 870

No it ain't!

It's just a bunch of crap that everybody knew was going on all the time.
Politicians are just like ordinary people, just "a little" more arrogant, power hungry, ego centric, stupid, you name it. And ugly too!
It can't surprise anyone that they are back bitching each other like hell.
There is no Top Secret documents, just a whooping 350MB of boring crap.
If the leak was about a couple of hundred really interesting documents, then i would be interested.
But It's just all about publicity and money.
Wikileaks want's your donations.

What a waste of bandwidth!

Comment Re:Little difference? (Score 1) 839

At least they could breathe and had water when the colonized America.

Thats a good argument.
Of course you could harvest both from the ice located at the polar caps.
But that would probably require a small nuclear power plant.
The poor guys would be too busy creating oxygen and water to do anything else.
Finally they would die thirsty and radioactive.
Sounds like a real tough job to me.

The question is. How many months or years one could survive if receiving supplies, lets say 4 times a year.

Comment Death pennalty (Score 1) 799

How about going down to Toys R Us
By a small toy chair.
Rig it wit cupper wire.
And then just zap the litle terrorist.
Broadcast it national TV.
And force all kids to watch it! /sarcasm

Or perhaps someone should sue the judge for
Child abuse ?
Im thinking that judge must be having a serious attention disorder to exploit a 4 year kid just to make headlines.
How sick is that?

Comment What specification ?? (Score 1) 234

Hum..."that the new specification will greatly increase the 'attack surface' of HTML — providing more avenues by which malicious code can be delivered through the web"

What specification ??

"greatly increase the 'attack surface' of HTML"

Omg. sounds horrible to me :(
Sounds like its gonna turn my browser into remote desktop with a blank password..oh shit!!

Comment Re:Code Competition may not always work!!!! (Score 1) 251

> The GUI is just the tip of the iceberg. It's the least important as far as overall functionality, but it's what everyone sees and reacts to.

True. So you have to be a good communicator besides being a good system developer.
Often you have be good at smooching a litle bit too :)
Unfortunately, in most cases, being good at your profession is usually not enough when you work with IT
Thats is why you have to walk sometimes even thoug it can be tough.
But you can plan for it and you can learn to become better at navigating through bad projects ( learning by doing :)

Comment Pitching two developers, teams or even companies (Score 1) 251

Pitching two developers, teams or even companies against each other maximizes your change of success.
That is:
1. As management, you dont have a clue about what you are doing in the first place (go happy lucky)
2. You dont mind spending the cost two times over
3. To stay in power, You have learned to divide an conquer

But your cost will double
Your employees will start fighting and sabotaging each other

But who gives a $#!7 as long as your happy :)

Comment Think about it (Score 1) 532

You need to

1. Understand the business rules.
You need to know what the system / application does before you can begin making changes to the code.

2. Get an overview of the system design / code structure. If there is any (otherwise it is going to be very difficult).
Break down the system into use cases and try to see what part of the code each case covers.
That should give you an idea of the business logic and the class structures (assuming it is not one big bowl of spaghetti).

3. Create a working document with your diagrams and development plans.
Put all your observations on a whiteboard, paper or a napkin as needed. But remember to draw it Visio, Word or OpenOffice.Writer too.
You don't have to do this all at once. It can be done as you move into the code to fix bugs or when making changes.

It will probably take you between 6 to 18 months to get fully acquainted with 30-40K lines of code.
It also depends on how hard business is pushing you. The more pressure on bug fixing and system changes, the less time you will have to learn about the system as a whole.
Even though 30-40K lines isn't that much it is probably more than a one man job.
If it is a business critical system. It is more likely to be a 2-3 headcount.
You should have you own exit strategy ready and get out of there, in case business wont take your challenges seriously.

Anyways i hope they pay you well.
Good luck with it.

Comment Rude vs. Nice (1-0) (Score 1) 300

In a working environment a nice idiot will always be an 4hole, no matter how nice that person is.
If you cant cut it, just get tf out of there. Nice is a compensation for not trying hard enough.
It is often accompanied by a really good excuse. Leaving the problem to somebody else. Which in the end really isn't so nice.
Because of their lack of skills and inherent laziness, nice people will often smooch their way into middle management positions.
That is the reason why there is so many incompetent idiots in IT management positions.
On the other hand A Rude person that is always right, is just person with a great personality.

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