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Comment Re:You had me at EA... (Score 1) 86

Hey calm down, if you pay attention to what EA's been doing lately, they're not as restrictive and all that as they were pegged out to be. An example is their Bad Company 2 game, which launched with SecuROM that they intended to (and did) remove two weeks after the game released. Even further than that, they're even coming out with a fully fledged expansion to that game in Vietnam. No pay for extra maps here, this is actualyl original content that wasn't stripped from the game. If you wanna bitch at a company so bad do it to Activision.

Comment Re:They are just late to the party (Score 2, Informative) 661

When you kinda grasp how they do it, it's not so hard.

If I'm looking at an ATI card with the number given as 5850, I know that it's part of the current generation ( 5### ) and is a pretty high end card card ( #850 ).

If I see 4350, I'll know it's from the previous generation of cards ( 4### ) and it is an entry level or HTPC card.

It's kinda hard to really know whether an ATI's 4650 is greater than a nvidea 9800GT though, but I think the real difficulty comes from trying to know how much a generation of cards improves from its last generation. (4350 vs 5350 for example)

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