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Comment Re:Where's the accountability? (Score 1) 644

Well none of them argued in court that they should have the ability to literally make up and lie about things and that they technically are not news shows, but an Entertainment show.

You're trying to say the average GOP Senator is as bad as Hitler, just because they agreed on a couple points.

They both get shit wrong once in a while, but only one went balls to wall wrong and are proud of it.

Comment Re:Where's the accountability? (Score 2) 644

Also regarding ACORN, there was a criminal investigation which resulted in no charges being brought against them or any findings of wrongdoing on their part.

And as part of that same investigation they got Breightbart to hand over the unedited video which showed them applying for the housing subsidy wearing a suit/tie and acting normal, and another doing the whole Pimp/Ho routine which was denied. They just edited out the denial and spliced in the approval for the first one.

Comment Re:Nope, ain't happening (Score 1) 328

> Why should PC game companies keep pushing the spec envelope when their cash cow of xbox games can't play those games?

exactly... The SW is simply not demanding cutting edge HW, because it's written for stuff released years ago. In terms of pushing the envelope, consoles are holding back PC gaming for anything cross platform.

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