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Comment How did they come up with estimate? (Score 3, Interesting) 122

I am curious how they can come up with estimate of how much the tax would generate, while also not having a clearly defined scope of what the tax would cover.

It'd be like someone saying they want to buy a car, and me saying it'll cost $20k. The term "car" covers a wide, wide range of possible options, and to give an ballpark figure would be nigh impossible with any accuracy unless I knew the specifics.

Comment Re:So.... (Score 2) 169

Issue is, time is finite. You're effectively doubling the time spend per each course, thats going to mean less time for other courses, and jobs needed to buy food and pay tuition.

Also issue is the time needed to prepare, classes would need to be staggered to allow at minimum the three (or however long is needed) hours between them. I highly doubt these results would be comparable if I did the preparation at 6am and had a class at 4pm with a full schedule between that.

Comment Re:I wish media would stop referring to this as a (Score 1) 479

I think it's more a matter of danger.

The $20 toy one you could hit with your finger and meh, at most might smart like snapping a rubber band.

A copter like that or others will often have blades made from carbon fiber, be very sharp at the edge and spinning at several thousand RPM. Put your finger near it and it'll slice it off.

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 85

OP was referring more to the idea of a bunch of random ass people coming together and doing a project with little no training or expertise beforehand.

Glue some foam together? eh, no big deal, one armed blind guy could do it.
Worst case? Get to spend time time washing off your hands.

Woodworking? Get atleast a hobbyist in there who has spent some time building stuff and knows how to properly hold the tool.
Worst case? Cut off a part of your body. Damage still limited to yourself.

3D printing/Metalwork? OK now you need someone competent, the risk of mistakes means serious damage to properly and people.
Worst case? You puncture a gas tank and turn it into a flaming rocket which explodes.

Comment Re:4 hours to respond (Score 3, Interesting) 286

I assume for something so odd and unexpected it took them a bit to properly prepare their response.

Marketing guy would have to take it to his Mgmt and him to his, etc... then it'd have to debate on how to respond then it' have to be passed back down the chain and done. Last thing you want is for it to go south and you be THAT GUY that messed it up. Name of the game is covering your ass, especially on high publicized portional PR nightmares.

Comment Re:On the plus side... (Score 3, Interesting) 351

For your average Li-Ion battery they are in cylindrical cells and output around 3.7v each. Li-Poly are similar but instead of hard cylinders they are laminated sheets one on top of each other, allowing for more variety in shapes and are the most common for phones; downside being they do not put up with as much abuse and can be damaged resulting in an internal short and the eventual boom/fire.

Comment Re:Hey (Score 4, Informative) 535

Minor point, your Atheist POV is that of a Gnostic Atheist which has all the same burden of proof as the Theist.

Most Atheists seem to be more on the Agnostic side of things; in that they acknowledge there might be, or there might not be a god. There is no solid proof either way though it's looking less and less likely given the claims of the Theists.

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