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Comment Re:Hey (Score 4, Informative) 535

Minor point, your Atheist POV is that of a Gnostic Atheist which has all the same burden of proof as the Theist.

Most Atheists seem to be more on the Agnostic side of things; in that they acknowledge there might be, or there might not be a god. There is no solid proof either way though it's looking less and less likely given the claims of the Theists.

Comment Re:Female programmers (Score 1) 608

I think the issue is when you start treating or otherwise barring people from doing things they want to pursue based on their gender.

If Sally or JImmy want to become a programmer/nurse; then hey, all the power to them. If they can hack it, great! If they cannot then oh well, find something else.

Reminds me of a story a while back of people advocating for lower standards for women in the military because they don't have the same overall build as a man and we need more women. THATS a problem.

Comment Re:Nice effort, but sets a bad precedent (Score 1) 95

Not really...
If you actually read his report, there is nothing to it ,beyond what is in the title of this summary.

The reproduction steps are entirely gone, there is nothing there for a Dev to go in and investigate with.


the vulnerability allow's facebook users to share posts to non friends facebook users , i made a post to sarah.goodin timeline and i got success post
link - >
of course you may cant see the link because sarah's timeline friends posts shares only with her friends , you need to be a friend of her to see that post or you can use your own authority .
this is a picture shows that post :


Comment Re:Great to see there are some whole hearted peopl (Score 1) 95

The bug report can be found on the reporters blog:

It's actually pretty shitty and does not even explain anything. Facebook had nothing to go off of except a basic description. The summary of this article has more detail than the reporter provided to Facebook.

Comment Re:Hormone therapy? (Score 1) 784

Yep, if you so much as question a woman about a rape accusation, no matter how outlandish; then you're branded a victim blaming misogynist. But prison rape jokes are A-OK!

Think it's in part because, prison rape/all rape is generally bad; and the US has this mentality that prison should be more about making people as much as you can. Forget rehabilitation, and trying to make people a more productive member of society or showing them the error of their ways. What's really going to help is have some non-violent offender be sent to jail for years and raped by hardened criminals.

Comment Re:They aren't drowning in plastic (Score 1) 427

Similar for paper.

There are TONS of household stuff that can contaminate paper and make it unrecyclable. Basically anything with grease, oil, food, etc... So you end up being that even if you recycle your paper, most of it will have come into contact with the grease from last nights pizza and cannot be recycled.

Comment Re:Just dig a really deep hole (Score 1) 427

Glass would likely be too difficult to shape, remember we're talking about those clamshell containers that many consumer electronics come in. Plastic can be easily moulded into w/e shape is needed.

Foil might work, but would need to be extra thick to hold it's shape, and could not be seen into.

Cardboard also a possibility, but would be easy to defeat for possible shoplifting, and more easily damaged; also cannot see into it.


Of course all this is moot if you're ordering online, since you'll already be able to see what stuff looks like.

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