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Comment Re:So, overdone and unnecessary vampires. (Score 1) 44

> I'm thinking of watching Babylon 5, is it any good?
Yea I'm going to need you to turn in your geek card by the end of the day.


Like most scifi shows the first season is pretty meh, it has to take time to setup the universe, the characters, etc... It's more political than Farscape, and much more serious than Doctor Who.

It's hard to explain without giving away too much; but it chronicles a war between several alien races. It's worth it just to see G'Kar and Londo play off each other.

Comment Re:famous for being famous (Score 1) 277

Please exercise some reading comprehension; OP clearly alleged that Apple themselves created those products; they did not.
"they created the iPod..."

There is absolutely zero difference between an old Rio and iPod other than the iPod is more restrictive and the marketing behind it; and you can hardly argue that marketing is a technological advancement.

Comment Re:famous for being famous (Score 0) 277

iPod -> generic MP3 players, Creative, Rio, and DIamond were "popular".

iTunes music store -> There were websites dedicated to digital sales; predated iTunes by about 4 years.

iPhone -> I present to you the Motorola ROKR; and Ericsson R380.

app store -> not sure how this is innovative, they sold digital download software, Steam was out in 2003.

iPad -> Lots of touchscreen tablets existed before the iPad.

Comment Re:Irrelevant peasant consoles (Score 1) 316

Only when they are specially made for them.

Remember back in the day fighting games were all about buttons on arcade machines and went to stick movement as a work around since controllers at that time were much smaller. It'd be faster and easier to assign a half dozen actions to their own dedicated button then carrying out some complicated movement with the stick that could both fail, and would take longer.

Comment Re:Oh brother (Score 1) 590

That transition is really common with such cause groups.

They set out with a cause, but when it's realized the group is still around and now with money/activists and no cause. MADD is like that, it started with a specific purpose, achieved it; and now they are trying to get porn off the internet so that it won't harm their special snowflakes.

Comment Re:Anything to get more customers (Score 1) 716

MS is using Google's property in a way Google has denied use for.

While the previously hyped law about violating a TOS being a crime wa a bit far fetched, they can most definitely deny you access for violating a TOS, even if you don't have some notarized document. It's based on the idea of what is reasonable. It's reasonable that if you're on someone's site that you are going to abide by their terms.

Comment Re:Anything to get more customers (Score 1) 716

They would have had to use their Dev tools, and in any case; if they released and marketed an app using Google's IP without their permission they would be knee deep in a lawsuit before you the press release had been written.

It's also part of the TOS on the website to, so no matter how you access that video file, you agree to not locally download it.

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