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Comment America the Poor (Score 2) 24

Since the only computer connection for millions of Americans is the one at school, the one at work or the one at the library that puts the US in third world status as well. Not to mention that we have millions of people with zero net access at all. Net access of reasonable quality is expensive in the US as well. We have not touched the edge of getting America up and running yet.

Comment Re:Okay (Score 1) 72

Considering the rarity of Indium I look at this as only a first step. Perhaps a droplet of some aluminum or other common metal might be sprayed through a cloud of very cold nitrogen such that it maintains its structure upon landing might be next.
                            I do expect 3D printing to alter society as much as the invention of the automobile over a few decades. Imagine most of the items that you purchase being created by 3D printers. The first home is soon to be printed and it will work. You'll see it this fall.

Comment Nice bit of bullshit (Score 1) 1448

that calling out hate-speech is intolerance on par with curtailing the human rights of others â" is a favorite fallback of cowards and bullies

Expressing opinions is a basic human right; therefore there is no such thing as hate speech, only speech. If you are seeking to silence someone because you don't like their ideas, its you who are curtailing rights!

Until Card is actually using using force to deny someone something, he isn't curtailing anything. Labeling an idea hate speech is basically the same thing as an ad hominem argument. If you think his ideas are wrong, tell us why! Attaching a politically charged label to them without any facts, or defined philosophical argument just makes your position look so weak it cannot withstand a real debate.

Comment Genericism (Score 2) 79

"App" is a generic self-descriptive term meaning application going back to the 70s. "Store" is a generic term going back centuries. The two together are also generic and self-descriptive.

You can't have a self-descriptive genericism as a trademark and get away with it if someone has the balls to try to take it away from you.

Microsoft almost lost their trademark to Windows because of this (and handed a pile of money to Linspire to shut up about it).


Comment Re:My health is none of the government's business (Score 0, Troll) 490

If only that were true. The high deductible plan, and the little preventative coverage I have now is totally appropriate for me as 30 year old single male. My insurance offers me protection in the even of a real emergency or surprise onset of a condition and costs only about 1k per year.

Its perfect for me. Once Obummer care goes into effect it won't qualify. My costs are going to go way up. All in the name of giving to the undeserving.

Comment Re:It's all fun and games... (Score 1) 119

It is easy for the media to create an issue by making reports about printed guns. It would be more difficult for the media to report on 3D printers causing radical shifts in society. Right now 3D printing is a bit more than a gimmick but not really a technology ready for prime time. This fall the first home will be printed by a 3D printer. You can bet that the rush is on to find ways to print all consumer goods. Perhaps we will have 3D printed bicycles soon. The point being that we are seeing the end of human employment. I know that sounds strange to almost everyone but it is already happening. The stock market booms while workers are idle and paid less and less every year. These days a business may need no employees at all and it is quite possible that businesses soon will not even need an owner. It is going to be one heck of a ride.

Comment Re:Economy Needs To Transition (Score 2) 541

Its true to an extent. We do have things and have to bear the cost of supporting things that did not exist in the 1970s. Its comparable though. Cellular phones are a perfect example. I no longer maintain a land line phone, I know lots of people do but they don't need to do so.

Even if I chose to keep my cellular as an additional luxury over the land line, its still not a major drive on my balance sheet. If you really look at things that suck up most of the money, its property taxes, property values, fuel for heating, and recently ( last decade; and ignoring previous short term spikes ) fuel for transportation, and groceries.

Also somethings like internet and phones, should offer savings as well. In terms of added efficiencies.

So while its not perfectly cut and dry; its still clearly the case something has drastically reduced the real value of labor, and that is the place to attack the problem.

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