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Comment Re:cyclic illogic (Score 1) 249

Still there is a fundamental illogic all throughout your statements. The stated purpose of the LHC is to recreate the conditions that existed in the first split second after the (original) Big Bang. To justify the safety of the LHC, you are implying that above me right now (or perhaps later tonight), if I had just the right aim and timing on my Look Upward device, I would be able to see occurring in nature the very conditions that existed in the first split second after the (original) Big Bang. You are essentially claiming that there are frequent natural recurrences of the first split second after the Big Bang happening around us every so often for the past billions of years. Now with good aim and good timing, you say that I can look upward and see this Daily Big Bangette. I thought we were having enough trouble salvaging with dark matter etc the existence of the original Big Bang. Now I am glad to hear that we are convinced that there are plenty of Daily Big Bangettes happening, and I am missing all of these due to bad aim and/or bad timing glitches in my Look Upward device.

You see, I reject your premise: same energy alone doesn't count. Exact same combination of conditions in all metrics in aggregate as a tuple is what counts. Regardless of the model of physics, there exists some tuple where a few metrics in that tuple include: 1) amount of energy and 2) distance-extent (e.g., linear distance, area, volume, etc for how ever many dimensions) over which that energy exists. Your "same energy" collisions overhead that you want me to look at in my Look Upward device are an extraordinarily-sparse distribution of that "same energy" (in however many dimensions). The LHC tries to recreate some important parameters of that tuple, more than merely "same energy". I reject your implied claim that the naturally-occurring "same energy" collisions of particles recreate en masse all of the same parameters of that tuple that the LHC will be recreating. Similarity to the Big Bang is not merely "same energy" but rather such similarity is defined as recreating multiple parameters (and perhaps all parameters) of the original Big Bang's tuple. You are so incorrectly focused on only one metric in that tuple. You have become so well educated in a narrow topic that you forget to think in the large. There are more parameters in space and time, Habigio, than ever dreamt of in your focus on energy alone.

I am sorry to say, but your little Daily Big Bangettes of "same energy" cosmic collisions meet my definition of uninteresting tourist trap, where I do not want to spend my precious vacation time. I still want to see the naturally-occurring real deal of any single one of these millions of examples of your oft-mentioned naturally-occurring first split second of the Big Bang while I am on vacation. I don't have a time machine to go back to see the (original) Big Bang; plus it sounds, like a moth-to-the-flame, I would get my wings burned off by all of that energy. The Look Upward device not only has bad aim and bad timing, but, when rarely successful, only lets me see naturally-occurring poor-quality knock-offs of merely one parameter of the tuple. Where can I go on my eco-vacation to see the full multiple-parameter tuple of metrics that the LHC will be creating (metrics other than "same energy") instead occurring out in the field in their natural habitat. Let's call this animal in the wild: The Full-Tupled Big Bangers. The LHC is trying to capture several of these Full-Tupled Big Bangers for its physics-zoo on the banks of Lake Geneva. Switzerland, I have been there done that on past vacations. Zoos, been there done that too. Where can I go on my eco-tourist vacation to see the Full-Tupled Big Bangers in their natural habitat outside of Lake Geneva's zoo? You see, I think that The Full-Tupled Big Bangers went extinct billions of years ago. The LHC will not merely be capturing a commonplace wild animal; rather, the LHC will be attempting to resurrect from the dead the long-extinct species of Full-Tupled Big Bangers. We do not know if the bars on the cages at the zoo can contain a Full-Tupled Big Banger because we don't know how a Full-Tupled Big Banger really behaves (unless you count the astronomically-sized explosion of The Big Bang itself), because nobody has seen the now-extinct Full-Tupled Big Banger in billions of years.

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