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Comment Don't balance your budget on the back of workers (Score 1) 997

I have seen companies go out of business due to practices like this. If he wants to pay you to work 11 hour days, thats one thing, but expecting your salary to cover the extra time is BS. Even if he pays, you can't be expected to go at that pace for an extended period of time. If you were offered an ownership stake, then there would be an incentive to work that hard. As it is, if he implements that policy expect 80% of workers to walk.

Comment Sad, but true (Score 1) 945

This is sadly true. I am a conservative, and am all but banned from sites like red state for my attempts to explain net neutrality. I think it all comes down to the word neutrality, the right feels like this is a fairness doctrine for the internet. I don't know what it will take to convince them otherwise. I have personally emailed Limbaugh about his comments and lack of understanding of the issue. No response to date.

Comment Re:Whew... So there is hope for a cure? (Score 1) 841

Hmm, if only there were a way to be able to judge a company by it's balance sheet. Oooh, I know, let's not subsidize the tickets, or the company. The company is forced to either lower it's expenses or raise ticket prices in order to survive. We can then judge the benefit to the people's lives by how willing they are to pay for the service. I think that's a great idea, oh wait that is free market capitalism. We can't have that, it works every time it's tried (including companies going bankrupt). Instead we have to judge on our feelings and service to the community, that is liberalism and it fails every time it is tried. People keep trying it thought because they think they just haven't found the right liberals yet that will make the flawed system work. (I.E. Obama statement, "We are the people we have been waiting for.")

Comment Re:I abstain (Score 5, Informative) 794

I am an election judge, I would be happy to provide the number of spoiled ballots. In my last election, there were 3. They were the results of either stray marks where the voter rested their pen in a box before checking a different box, and the machine wasn't sure which they meant, so they got a new ballot. The other case was where there were multiple candidates for 1 race (more than 2 candidates) and the voter chose more than one. If you would like I will post again next week with the spoiled ballot count for this election. We have to keep track of every single ballot, so knowing the number of spoiled ballots is trivial.

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