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Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 582

No, Bing links to a Yahoo answers page in which the actually text of the article contains the search terms several times("Windows" once, "Mac" once, "expensive" once, and Microsoft" twice).

It looks like the Yahoo answers page is actually bashing Microsoft, not Apple.

I am well and truely fed up with Windows and Microsofts global domiantion plans and want to return to mac (I had one years ago before replacing with a PC), but I have been having a look around and even 2nd hand ones are really expensive? If Apple want to cut Microsoft down, they should lower their costs?

If M$ was trying to make themselves look good, I doubt that they would want that to be in their top 10 results.

Comment â30 or â30.000? (Score 1) 255

In a totally unexpected ruling, a Dutch court has decided that The Pirate Bay should block visitors from the Netherlands within 10 days or face a fine of â30,000 per defendant per day.

FYI, if you write â30,000, you really mean â30, because the EU swaps comma notation with decimal notation. According to the article, the fine is â30.000 per defendant per day, which is a ridiculously high number.

Comment Re:Good riddance. (Score 1) 225

Why does someone always bring this up? It's a game, not a simulator! If I wanted to learn how to play a guitar, then I'd pick up a guitar. I just want to have some fun with my friends playing a game that happens to include music we like.

Perhaps because there's a market out there that is interested in learning how to play the guitar and want a video game interface to learn how. Instead of colored buttons, why not display tabs on the screen? Sure, it would be difficult, but at least the game would add lasting value. Yes, people could learn the songs without the game, but at least the game could give you interactive feedback and piggyback on the fun interface of the current Rock Band/GH titles.

Give a 12 year old their first electric guitar and a copy of this game and let them learn! Not to mention, you wouldn't necessarily need to buy an amp right away.

Comment People with guns do affect politics here. (Score 1) 1359

Don't kid yourself that any politician in the history of the US has ever thought (or will ever think) to themselves "well, I WANT to do X, but since the citizens have so many guns, maybe that wouldn't be a good idea."

Perhaps not in the positive light you're trying to shed. While a politician may not pursue justice for the sake of a well-armed constituency, seeds of corruption are sown in areas with high drug trafficking and gang violence [citation needed]. I'm sure that there are plenty of politicians who fear for their families, let alone their own lives, and by doing so fail to address the injustices that occur on a daily basis in those areas. Especially if their police department cannot provide them with the security they need.

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