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Comment Re:I recently needed to learn how to set a live tr (Score 3, Interesting) 249

Well, you could try wiggling out of this one on a technicality, insisting on an article that is provably wrong in key facts and has been for more than a week, rather than one where that exact situation occurred but the article was later corrected after more than a week. But I'm sure you wouldn't do that, since that would be an artificial limitation.

So perhaps you should look at this version of an article about Colin Pitchfork, a convicted child killer: . Among the other false key facts presented in the article for twenty-five days (over three weeks):

* the city and the county where the murders occurred;
* the years where they occurred;
* the existence of a third murder;
* the year of Pitchfork's confession;
* the date and year of Pitchfork's sentencing;
* the name of the initial incorrect suspect;
* the affiliation of the scientist who developed the technique that identified Pitchfork;
* how Pitchfork's ruse to defeat forensic testing failed.

That's a bit more than "spelling errors and questionable references."

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