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Comment Terraria is better (Score 1) 255

From a retro standpoint, I prefer the pixels in a 2D world. It's got more enemies, more building options, more crafting, hardcore mode, multiplayer (with player run servers), cheaper price. My wife didn't like Minecraft, she likes Terraria. We play together and adventure in the game, not just build.

Same "full" control over the world.

Comment Re:Kinda figures. (Score 4, Insightful) 194

tis true... my xv6700 only enjoyed 4 years of updates due to the hacker community, but aside from one carrier update, didn't really add new features, ever.

iBooks didn't exist when I got my iPhone3 why should I expect it now?

What I do have a problem with however is that I do own an iPad (1 & 2) that syncs with my iTunes library and i use some Universal and iPhone apps on it that REQUIRE updates to function on iOS4. Those apps aren't guaranteed to run on iOS3. Apple provides no means to maintain multiple versions of the same App, nor does it allow you to roll back to older more functional versions of some apps. If I sync an iPad with an updated App, it copies that version to my iTunes and will force an update to my iPhone the next time it updates, my only option is to remove the app from my iPhone or use a copy that doesn't work. iOS3 is no longer supported and I've BARELY had the phone for more than 2 years at this point. That to me is unacceptable.

Comment You can't read too far into this.... (Score 1) 56

FBI is government, government only gets money if there is a problem to fix. If they reported they were the best in the world, their funding would get cut and they wouldn't be able to sustain. The more critical findings are of the state of something in government, the more money is thrown it's way.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 741

Colleges in the last century have done one thing, become financial institutions. They like many other places in our society only seek money. So they target students that will bring them grants (both government and private) and government based tuition program dollars. In the case of your big name schools, they target the rich. If you're family makes enough money, you're good enough for them and this especially applies to those ivy league schools we hold oh so dear. The major reason is that the large portion of the student body can now fund the minority doing the research to keep those universities appearance at the top. It's a massive money shell game and it's disgusting.

Our society then has this delusional view that anyone from these schools is societal elite and we perpetuate.

Society overall today, sucks. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer and dumber.

Comment Re:It is about time, after all (Score 1) 118

Really? Bluray? Thta's pushing PS3? I can go to Berkley and Jensen's and buy a Vizio wireless BR player for $110, a third of the price of the PS3. I still look through the PS3 library and right now, the only game in the entire catalog that I can't get on my (imo better) Xbox 360 isn't even out yet, Twisted Metal.

PS3 is kind of a dud if you ask me and after all of the install other OS BS that's happened in the last year, I'm even more resolved to stay away.

Comment Re:republicans (Score 1) 884

I don't prescribe to your myth.

Your myth puts Walmarts and Exxons at the top. Meanwhile mom and pop restaurant is struggling to keep afloat against Applebees.

It's bullshit plain and simple and they're trying to feed us that here in NJ too. "oh we can't tax the rich, they'll leave". Fuck the rich, they can go live somewhere else until they can learn to play in the same sandbox everyone else.


Comment Re:no different than Slingbox, which has been allo (Score 1) 346

They're just upset they didn't think of this distribution model first, they didn't contract TW out of doing anything like it with their services and they weren't able to rip off consumer by providing it through their own distribution channels first.

Certainly, who would pay them for their channels to be streamed from their website if they can just stream it to their iPads for free* (free in the sense that you're already paying for it) on their TW accounts!

Which is the other issue, if this story didn't have iPad attached to it, they wouldn't care. It's a ME TOO case where the channel owners want to be making money off of it too and don't like that they were beaten to the punch.

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