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Comment Re:Christian... science ? (Score 5, Funny) 370

Dear mr.Christian Science,

Your attempt to make us panic and throw a metric shitload of money into your inadequate research to end net-neutrality has failed. The average slashdot reader knows more about the intricacies of the Internet than you expect and can therefore tell you that doom's day is far off. We know that because the Terminators need IPv6 to keep track of their innumerable minions.

No IPv6 no doom's day.

Thank you for your time,
Average Slashdot Joe

Comment Re:CSS also violates that patent (Score 1) 403

.crappyPatent { display:none; } This doesn't look like XML to me. The patent seems to cover one XML formatting another, but of course anybody can write a less than 100 lines python script to convert it from and to xml. The only problem is that people in court will be scratching their head when you make this analogy. We need something with cars, as the standard protocol specifies.

Comment Games Vs Performance (Score 1) 86

Before I go on: I use pidgin for all my chatting activities, and it is an invaluable tool for me.

That said one has to wonder why Pidgin takes longer to startup than does OpenOffice Writer...
Luckily though, I only start it once a week, the day after booting into Windows for lan games.

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