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Comment Re:A lot of these ideas are overlooking one thing (Score 2) 115

It should be possible to remove the dust using static electricity. Back in the vinyl LP days, there were a couple of systems that used static electricty to make dust "jump" off an LP. Considering the system's cost and that it was a consumer product, there's probably "professional" version that does the job quite well.

Comment So, have all the Sci Fi fans dies=d? (Score 2) 115

Holy crap. There have been dozens of moon/asteroid/airless-planet habitat ideas published since the 40's. While not all of them were well reasoned and possible, a huge number of them were. All that was lacking when the stories were written was a way to get there and the material technology to build the damned things. Most of those issues were resolved decades back.

Don't hail the sintered dome idea a new, unless you want to be in the same category as people raving about "new and improved" dish detergent. The idea's already been written about. But then, so have most of the habitat ideas.

Comment Re:De oppresso liber (Score 1) 812

It's interesting that you automatically assume that technological threats are automatically unbeatable. One of the primary reason that current military technology does so well in the current active theaters is because there is a decided lack of everyday electronics in the hands of the locals. On the other hand, in most of north America, it's a simple matter to pick up some arduinos, PICS, or STAMPS, some batteries, and a few sensors and construct all sorts of interesting devices to cause mayhem on a national force.

Also of note, urban warfare takes on an entirely new dimension in the presence of ubiquitous mass transit in the form of trains and subways. Guerrilla warfare will remain effective for many decades to come. Insurgency is not always defined by a grubby bad of ne'r-do-wells with a rifle.

A government only functions because the citizenry acknowledge it and grant it authority. If enough people ignore it, it will die.

Comment I can predict the future... (Score 2) 684

I see a possible future where the entirety of Iceland's international internet traffic is easily handled by a single 56kbps dialup modem.

Ban porn. LOL. Try banning the air that you breath. You cannot legislate a person's morals no matter how much you wish to. At best, these efforts will slightly inconvenience people who want porn. Have they not heard of SSH tunneling?

The most gainful activity that a government official can engage in is composting another government official.

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