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Comment Re:Solder to Live. Live to Solder. (Score 1) 321

We used rosin-core solder or, when necessary, applied additional solder using squeeze bottle applicators and acid brushes.

Soldering was a great job. The quality of the finished piece was the only factor that was important. We were always told to make each connection as though it had to get to the moon and back. It wasn't about speed, so much as it was your work being as close to perfect as was humanly possible, repeatedly.

Comment Solder to Live. Live to Solder. (Score 1) 321

I held a Class C Micro-Min Repair certification in the service. I used to live to solder. Long ago I could repair multi-layer circuit boards with burn damage (i.e., holes where burnt components used to live). I could remove the surrounding damage, then replace missing substrate and tracks as I restored the PCB, eventually ending up with a board that functioned as well as the original. I spent 8-12 hours a day looking through a microscope to repair boards. It wasn't all glamorous board repair, though. A lot was the everyday, run-of-the-mill component replacement: ICs, lead components, surface mounts. Even wiring harness repairs/rebuilds. I loved it all. The smell of melting rosin core solder and the whine of handpieces and ball mills used to get me excited ;-)

Comment Re:Implications (Score 3, Insightful) 221

That would imply that the government is ruled by law rather than the arbitrary decisions of a few "top men".

But since we know that to be true, I guess we can all sing like the Who: Won't Get Fooled Again (

I'm just wondering when the revolution begins. I don't think that the younger generation realize how dire the situation really is since most of them have less than a zero's interest in history. If they'd even take the time read music lyrics that were being sung 50 years ago, they'd easily see that things are even worse now than they were before.

When does the shooting start?

Comment Re:anyone remember friendster? (Score 1) 373

Can you think of anything else as plain? If you do a google search for mike adams, you'll find that there are literally thousands of them.

Well, holy shit. I just did a search for Trentthethief. Who else has been using this nickname? Damn it.

I guess it was inevitable. Now I need to consider whether or not to continue with it.

Comment Re:anyone remember friendster? (Score 2) 373

You're sadly mistaken, youngster.

Many people with more knowledge than you frequently use SSH tunneling through semi-private servers for certain tasks. As for browser fingerprint, those services that are specifically designed for privacy/anonymity (NB) remove those characteristics. You've also forgotten the extensive fan bases of Adblock Plus and NoScript. Advertisers know less about everyone than you think. Of course, there are always people who don't worry about anonymity or aren't familiar enough with the idea (despite their grandchildren's best efforts).

If you're leaving tracks, it's because you are not diligent enough to mask them. You can probably find a goodly number of google hits for me, but only at a few sites. And I'll bet you can't tie me to any of the several psuedonyms I've used for a period and then discarded since I registered on Slashdot many years ago. Only for this nice, low UID, do I still use TrentTheThief.

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