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Thanks to jQuery javascript just makes sense. You can refer to and interact with things around the pages so easily that you will laugh thinking about the old days, when scripters were getting mad to write cross-browser js... Book is good and easy to read-through in a single day for an already experienced jscripter.

Submission + - Tegra2 tablets/slates/etc all the rage at CES

MartinSchou writes: At this year's CES it seems that everybody and their cousin are talking tablets, slates or smartbooks. This year, however, might be the year of Linux, if not on the desktop, then at least on your other computing devices.

Amongst this years top contenders are slates running nVidia's Tegra 2 chipset, boasting 10+ hours worth of 1080p play back, with entries from Quanta, Mobinnova, ASUS, MSI> and Boxee (though this is a media computer).

Notion Ink have brought their Adam slate, complete with a Pixel Qi transreflective, multi-touch capable screen.

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