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Comment Re:How do we generate the power? (Score 1) 525

A gasoline engine is horrendously inefficient. Only about 30% of the energy from burning the dead dinos is converted to motion - the rest is waste heat.

Electric motors, much more efficient. What you lose at the power plant you get back in miles per erg, polution-wise.

And if we had gone to nuclear plants or wind or solar, there'd be NO pollution from driving electric cars. We made the choice for coal, because it was easy, and because we fallaciously believe that a nuke plant disaster is worse than pounding trillions of pounds of carbon into the atmosphere. Also a little deal with free market ideological nuttery, which believes new tech should pay its own way and old tech somehow isn't massively subsidized (free land, tax gifts, wars to get the land).

Comment Re:Problem with egos really (Score 5, Insightful) 525

A "he-said-she-said pissing contest"? If he hadn't fought back, it would now be common understanding that the Tesla was a piece of shit that died on a NYT reporter. It's STILL common understanding that somehow a Tesla failed on Top Gear. Perception is absolutely reality. He had to hit back brutally and immediately, or Tesla would have been Apteraed.

Comment Re:Problem with egos really (Score 2) 525

To be fair, the "NYT" didn't lie - Broder did. The NYT backed up one of their journalists. Which they should! You don't throw your soldiers out into the enemies tender mercies, just 'cause. But if Broder lied - or was confused - then he has lost their protection, one would think. Let's see how this plays out. Reportorial lying is not well received at any paper.

Comment Re:fuck you iceland. (Score 2) 684

The "grey area" is that there are not enough decent jobs. Paging the Ayn Randites and the Free Traders: you've made a mess. No more factories, no more office jobs, outsourced, centralized, only cheap youth wanted, and low wages with no insurance. Victory.

Also, women can fail to find work because they've been convicted of, say, marijuana possession and no longer can get student loans, or get a job because they are former felons. Hell, you can't even enter Canada if you've been convicted of a pot crime. We've new corporate services that do nothing by track your criminal and financial history and provide reports to our new lords. You get a bad score, you don't exist. How many millions of people can't get a good job because of our new data lords? In the old days, you could move out of state and try to start over. No more. No where in the world to start over.

When we sold Russia out from under its citizens in the early Nineties, half the population lost their jobs and now lives in perpetual poverty. The single greatest supplier of young desperate, cheap, porn actresses in the world, all from Shock Doctrineing the Soviet Union into hell.

You want a better world? Start taxing rich people, pass laws to create jobs, and re-create the middle classes. They need jobs, good paying jobs.

Comment Re:fuck you iceland. (Score 2) 684

The Bible Belt is the best place (worst?) to find strip clubs and brothels. Jesus wants him sum hookers, apparently.

The harder you squeeze down on human sexuality, the worse the twisted mentalities the prohibition spawns. Victorian England invented bondage and whipping because, not in spite of, its incessant antisexuality. Lock human sexuality in the dark, and watch the monsters come out.

Let's try this: stop trying to control people. Let women pose nude if they want to. Let men pay to look if they like. Let them take whatever drugs they like, as long as they don't hurt anyone else and can pay their own medical bills. Stop inventing new and more insane way reasons to break people's doors in and shoot their dogs.

To those who would make us better:

Stop trying to FIX us. Fix yourselves, you repressed little wankers... the people most consumed with porn and kiddie porn always have the biggest collections. Self-loathing weasels, trying to vent their guilty consciences on others, punishing them instead of themselves.

You can't FIX people. People are people. The scariest monsters in history are the effete sociological masters, self-styled, who set out to fix the human race.

Comment Re:Read a few articles, not seeing it. (Score 1) 841

Yup. GPS data logs from your cell phone, which can be used against you in a court of law, can be faked. Computers running elections can be easily hacked to fake votes, and the logs won't lie, cause if you own the machine you own the logs. fMRIs that say you're lying can be rigged.

Your car will be mandated to have GPS and internal trackers just like the Tesla, by either Federal law or by insurance company fiat, so, if log faking is possible - and it is - anyone can be framed, and there ain't a damned thing the framee can do about it. Hence my hatred of tracking systems - everyone assumes computers don't lie. They can; one of my jobs as a programmer at my old company was to make us more money by making our computers lie to our customers. If your are inside the box, you are god.

If it has a computer, it can be rigged. Says I.

However. The Tesla S has never shown itself to fail under long distance tests such as this one. This car also was a media loaner, so the previous journalists would have noticed as well. The cars do have the range to do the job - if a disaster doesn't happen. It wasn't that cold - 27 F is not cold in the north, so batteries would not be that affected as the driver claimed. If it were twenty below, I'd look again.

There would be no advantage to faking the logs. Broder would indignantly point out the fraud, and we'd be back to square one; he hasn't yet. I imagine he's racking his brain to see a discrepancy between his report and the logs. If Tesla faked the logs, they are done. It's a lousy binary choice, admitting failure and eating crow, or lying and losing your company. Esp. if you don't have to; the cohort of Tesla models S on the road show no signs of what Broder claims is their range failure, so I'd go with the machine.

Perhaps the GPS tracking was done at the company's site as well as on the car's own tracking system. If the two match, likely the log is real. If it was further tracked by, say, Lojack or similar, we'd have a third data trail and lock it as true. GPS track would give us speed and acceleration. I notice Broder doesn't deny speeding, only saying that speeding is normal and should be expected.

Again - why lie and fake the logs? The result would be a disaster. And would grind the gears of every engineer in the company - engineers HATE fake data. Fake engineering, and the world melts into hell. Better to eat dirt and fix the car.

Comment Re:Sadly, it is solid evidence against him. (Score 1) 841

The oil companies are subsidized by US taxpayers to the total of 20 BILLion dollars a year.

Give that twenty billion to electric battery producers to subsidize their costs, and you'll see $19,0000 cars that get 500 miles per charge. It's all a matter of what we think is a "subsidy".

Oil powered cars are subsidized by direct payouts to oil companies for drilling. We don't charge oil companies for the direct damage they do to the planet; that's "external" cost, not slapped on the price of your car. The cost of global warming will be hundreds of trillions. Your car company will not have to pay that. We have gone to war in Kuwait, Iraq, and soon Iran and Africa to secure oil fields, at the cost of trillions; that cost, for decades to come, is carried by taxpayers, and never charged on the pump or in the cost of your car.

A tiny sliver of those trillions would put all of us in electric cars in five years, paying a penny a mile for electricity.

Comment Re:Pathetic. (Score 4, Insightful) 841

Top Gear implicitly presents themselves as reviewers. They never state, unless they are being sued, that they are faking. In the Tesla case, they admitted the shot of the Tesla towed with dead batteries was a fake. They had scripted the battery failure. Their excuse? It's just a TV show, duh.

They weren't found "innocent". The judge said his court wasn't there to judge truthfulness, only liability for financial damage and a case for libel. He found the show non-libelous, and he, somehow, determined Tesla took no monetary damage from the show.

I don't watch Top Gear. I don't understand the purpose of faked reviews. People do take it seriously.

The NYT needs suing. Now.

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