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Comment Have you seen me? (Score 1) 2

Your ideas are dangerous!!! Your walking 2000 miles on only a few nutty bars is bogus as I now know. I tried a similar experiment. I am sad to say that you were one of my influences. A few weeks ago, I was in a mercado mart on the edge of the bush in South America. the purpose of my visit to the mercado mart was to buy enough supplies for a solo 100 km trek with a 30 kilo backpack (none of it food) through mountainous jungle and then make it to the beach where I had arranged to meet a boat at the mouth of a small river. . All of the food at the store was nasty, and I got sick thinking about having to eat any of that crap they sold there. Then I got to thinking about your incredible story of hiking across the country and back on a few nutty bars and I think you said a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or something. Well if that Homo in La Jolla can do it, I sure can! I ended up with some flat bread-like stuff -I think they might have been tortillas which really suck cold-and 2 cans of tuna. I finished my food on the first day, except for some mangoes and coconuts I found and coca leaves I kept chewing. I was so weak by the 3rd day that I could barely do a pushup. Note that I bench press 350 - 400 pounds max when I'm feeling well . By the time I got to the beach, I had lost so much weight that my pants wouldn't stay up and I had punched new holes in my belt. When the crew on the boat saw how famished I looked, they immediately fed me. I didn't even need to ask. Thanks to you, I nearly starved to death.
Open Source

Open Source Robot for Household Tasks 99

bednarz brings us a NetworkWorld story about the development of a robot through an open source project. The objective of the project is to "take robotics from research into homes." Quoting: "One of its immediate goals is to build 10 robots and make them available to university researchers as a common platform that can be tinkered with and improved. Willow Garage will also supply 'an open-source code base integrated from the best open-source robotics software available,' President and CEO Steve Cousins said. In Cousins' video presentation, the first version of the robot could be seen vacuuming, picking up toys off the floor of a living room, taking dishes out of a dishwasher, and most importantly of all, using a bottle opener to crack open a cold, refreshing brew."

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