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Comment Re:I said (Score 1) 383

You might think so, but by the measures used in Australia, they get away with commercials that seem way too loud to the listener, and then they're all "Oh, it only *sounds* louder, but it's perfectly OK". And the stations get away with it. Because they set the rules.
I just hope your law doesn't permit that.

Comment Re:The real downside. (Score 1) 362

This. If a language is seriously flawed, don't use it. Why? Because every project you get out there increases the burden of unmaintainable crud that future generations will be forced to bear.
If you persist in using a bad tool, even in the knowledge of its many flaws, you're committing an act of unmiitigated evil.

Comment Re:And... (Score 1) 324

Working in Silverlight right now, and I completely agree. I never thought I'd find a more screwed-up mess of markup and code than the usual web technologies (HTML,/CSS/JavaScript), but with Silverlight, M$ managed to create one.

Comment What gets me about SQL databases (Score 1) 194

I hate updating data using SQL. The need to have both INSERT and UPDATE statements, with their very different syntaxes, is a considerable drag on my time. I've worked with non-SQL DBMSs in the past, and it can be so very much easier.
Don't get me wrong, there's a lot I like about SQL, but my ideal database would support SQL for queries, but also provide simpler mechanisms for read by key and create/update/delete operations.

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