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Comment Re:Summary. (Score 1) 301

Also Line 3997, 64k is a large request. If you're using a hardened form of malloc, the memory you allocated for the incoming message would initially be blank, and the next page of memory wouldn't exist. So the 64k read from the incoming buffer is likely to trap and crash the process.

Comment Re:Holy smoking wallets, Batman! (Score 3, Insightful) 88

If you just want a laptop, this isn't for you. Think of it as a portable workstation with FPGA and other features for rapid hardware prototyping and hacking.

Personally I think it would be more usable with the traditional clamshell design. Right off the bat, you're going to need another layer of protection for the screen and somewhere to store a keyboard before you can consider lugging this thing around.

Comment Re: Easy (Score 1) 134

If you took your balance out of MtGOX, sure. But how many people had a cash or bitcoin balance held by them that didn't actually exist? A balance they now cannot recover? MtGOX is certainly negligent, but if they suspected that the cash didn't exist and ignored it while continuing to pay out, that's fraud and practically a Ponzi scheme.

Comment Re:Ponzi scheme (Score 2) 357

Classifying something as a Ponzi scheme, usually involves outright fraud. ie someone is claiming that there is a huge pile of cash somewhere that doesn't actually exist.

There may be individuals committing fraud using bitcoin. And bitcoin may be a speculative asset bubble with very similar outcomes to a Ponzi scheme. But it isn't *technically* a Ponzi scheme.

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