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Comment Re:One by one the dominos fall... (Score 1) 146

I live on the end of a fairly long piece of copper, for an urban area at least. The best ADSL speed I can get is around 4.5 Mbit. To get more than that speed what are my options? And if you're going to replace my copper with something, why not replace it with the best, most future proof technology?

$8,500 is a good investment for a technology that should last for the foreseeable future. Just don't ask each person to pay that full price right now.

Comment Re:Bit torrent (Score 1) 136

"The ABS is constantly looking at ways it can simplify the website and enhance the user experience,"

While at the same time telling their actual developers to make it more difficult;

... generate a random number, which we append to the URL, to make it appear as if a complex key is required. This is a pathetic attempt to discourage someone from downloading the ZIPs directly (ie. without having to login), if they deduce the URL pattern.

The ironing is delicious.

Comment Re:turn it off (Score 1) 259

Assisted GPS in cell phones is typically just a way to download accurate satellite position information from the internet. Otherwise your receiver will have to download that data from the satellites themselves, which takes a significant amount of time. It doesn't have anything to do with remembering where the phone is, and I highly doubt it helps the cell phone company to determine your position.

Comment Re:Green schmene (Score 3, Interesting) 312

The entire block chain contains all of the history of every piece of every coin. But to mine coins, and validate new blocks you don't really need to keep the entire history locally to validate new transactions, you only need to keep the details of transactions that haven't been consumed in another transaction. That's the sole purpose of the log anyway.

Sure the whole log should remain available online somewhere, but even that could be stored in a distributed way. The log itself is essentially tamper proof, since you can verify every single hash and signature if you want to.

While the total number of coins has a finite limit, each coin can be split into a huge number of transactions. Even when the active set of transactions grows too large, there will be solutions to improve the scalability of the system.

These are all solvable problems. There just hasn't been a pressing need to solve them yet.

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