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Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 387

Oxymoron? I think not. The brain is a fascinating computer with immense capability for calculation and it is also very flexible.
Until we advance the state of computer aided universe simulation to the point where we don't need to run thought experiments and can just run a model universe for a couple of days to see if our theories are correct, we'll be stuck experimenting in our brains.

Comment Re:How can a biology teacher not be a biology majo (Score 2) 947

What the hell 'Murika. I'm from an ex soviet country and even here, in order to teach something you must have a degree in it from a higher education institution.

This aplies to everything, especially things like Biology, History etc...

The only place where you can get away with not having a diploma is perhaps PE.

Comment Re:Microsoft isn't being evil this time (Score 1) 313

Why are you buying a complete off the shelf computer anyway? Those things are overpriced for the hardware they have even excluding windows. It just makes no sense.
If you don't know how to assemble it there's places that will do that for you, and it's going to be cheaper then actually buying the whole thing with windows and all.

Comment Re:But you still can't uninstall it... (Score 1) 284

Maybe some sort of a program or a kernel hook that you point at a dialog box/program and it monitors for the next registry changes, it then shows you what the program changed and gives you the option of removing the registry entry/ reverting it to something or inputing a custom string so you don't have to bother looking it up in regedit. Hell it could even change the dialog boxes to include a fuck it button.

Native dialog boxes are in User32.dll right? Maybe some one could rewrite bits of it to have the hook for the Fuck it button.

Comment Re:But you still can't uninstall it... (Score 1) 284

about:plugins is your friend. I wish they'd make it more straightforward. Maybe have an option to not load it for your profile, and another option to open the folder the plugin resides in. The name of the plugin's library could be show to the user before the folder is opened in case of multiple libraries per folder.

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