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Comment Re:Beware of sampling bias (Score 1) 187

Men who were in the lower half of the ACC activity ranking had a 2.6-fold higher rate of rearrest for all crimes and a 4.3-fold higher rate for nonviolent crimes.

My math may be off, but I don't think it is higher for violent offenders, if I'm reading this sentence right.

Rate * normal for non-violent offenders = 4.3
Rate * normal for all offenders = 2.6
Rate * normal for violent offenders = X

(4.3 + X )/2 = 2.6
4.3 + X = 5.2
X = 5.2 - 4.3

X = 0.9

Comment Re:Targeted Rehab or Targeted Parole (Score 2) 187

Regardless of whether this is a bad idea or not, how is keeping someone who fails this test incarcerated "political"? It seems to me that if the test is the basis for parole or release, that's the opposite of political. That's based on science. Whether it's based on good science is another question, but it's certainly not based on, "Keeping you locked up will look good to my voters", or "Giving you early release will look good to my [other] voters".

Comment Re:Pigs in space! (Score 1) 425

The argument that someone is stupid for not believing we've been to the moon (and when I say "we", I should've said "astronauts") because someone else has said there are ways of proving it, is self-defeating.

No, not really.

If someone claims Neanderthals came here in spaceships from the planet Neptune, are you obliged to say, "That's plausible"? No, because the origin of Neanderthals has been thoroughly studied, and multiple people, all over the world, have verified it. You're not obligated to believe every bit of crazy horseshit someone says simply because you haven't independently verified the truth. Such arguments shouldn't be taken seriously. One should simply classify such people as paranoid schizophrenics and go on with one's day.

Comment Re:Pigs in space! (Score 3, Insightful) 425

When I said "you", I should've said "astronomers". This is an experiment that has been done at many observatories, all over the world. It's easily falsifiable by any sufficiently sophisticated nation, and I can think of at least one that would've loved to have called "Bullshit!" on a moon landing, if it never happened.

Comment Re:Pigs in space! (Score 3, Informative) 425

I have a friend who is only moderately stupid that firmly believes that the moon landings were faked.

I would submit to you that if your friend firmly believes that the moon landings were faked, he's far more than moderately stupid. With all the evidence, believing the moon landing was faked is right up there with believing that the moon is made of gouda cheese. There's a reflector on the moon. If you know the coordinates, you can actually bounce a laser off of it back to Earth.

Comment If this is true, could it explain why... (Score 1) 505

....we have yet to be visited by any other intelligent alien life?

Notice, I said if it's true. I don't know that this makes any sense. I'm not a scientist. But taken together:

You can't go faster than light.
Long-term exposure to radiation does doubleplusungood things to the brain.

seem to suggest that travelling long distances in space is just not a good idea.

I hope that this is wrong, but I do think it'd explain a lot.

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