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Comment Re:There is not even a way to remove it! (Score 0, Troll) 346

Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Timeline! My posts are displayed in two lines instead of one!!!!!

Why is this free service that I don't pay for making me do things I don't want to do but I won't leave them.

Then again...honestly, people that talk about leaving facebook are fucking idiots. Either you leave or you don' don't talk about it (talking about the fucktard at the top of the pile waaaaahing about leaving). I left FB for a couple of months, and I realized the social connections were far more worth keeping the FB open. Then again, I have more than 3 friends and I have business crap that depends on me knowing tons of people (which is interesting because I post the most inappropriate and obscene stuff to my FB and most of the business relations find it funny).

Comment Re:TSA as role model? (Score 1) 1116

"Meanwhile, the Iranian nuclear industry has no problems getting the equipment it needs (albeit with a few carefully targetted viruses)"

Some would say that the restrictions made it far easier to restrict what actually made it there than if they could just get anything they wanted wholesale. As such, the gov'ts of several enemies of Iran were able to specifically target the equipment and ensure that it was not able to make the nuclear loads they wanted without poisoning a significant amount to where it was unusable, as a result, delaying bad outcomes for a few years and giving time for diplomacy to maybe work (if we didn't have idiots on both sides).

Students and farmers are screwed because of their gov't. Even if their gov't has a legitimate reason to hate the US and Israel (anyone that knows the history of Iran understands why they don't like either country and would not want to negotiate with either in a civil way).

Comment Re:You are wrong. (Score 3, Interesting) 400

From what I understand, the term 'rape' is very broad in this country. To the point, people that have been actually raped elsewhere would feel violated.

The idea that one can be 'raped' after the fact of consensual sex doesn't make sense to me, but it isn't my culture. I'll use logic to show you how they feel about this (or at least how I think they understand this). Rape is any unwanted sexual activity. Would they have wanted to have sex with the man either woman knew that he was lying about being monogamous? It sounds like they both would say no. Would they want to have unprotected sex with someone that wasn't monogamous? Far bigger no. The fact that he had unprotected sex AND lied about who all he was sleeping with caused these women to reassess their willingness to have sex with him. If they had known the truth, they wouldn't have been cool with it.

Have you ever dated someone that you realized was a horrible person and lied about everything AFTER the fact? I have. Do I consider myself raped because of this? No. If I would have known everything about this person, I might not have had sex with her. At the time I was having sex with her, I really liked it and I told all my friends how cool she was. Apparently in some countries, you can change your mind about this and then consider it a form of rape.

Apparently, again from what I understand, this is considered a very low form of rape and is punishable by a fine and nothing more.

I don't know. I do feel that if you are a guest in another country, you follow the laws even if they are stupid -- or that you don't know about them.

That said, I agree with what Wikileaks has done...and I just wish it didn't have Assange as the head. Maybe they couldn't have done what they did without a douchebag like Assange in charge. I don't know. The biggest thing I believe is that I have faith in the Swedish gov't for this, and think that he should go back and answers the 'charges' (in quotes because he hasn't legally been charged yet).

And maybe a little part of me wants to see if the US would get him in custody because I think this would make the Occupy Wallstreet protests seem tame in comparison. I don't think we would...too much political ramifications for it...but if we did, I think it would be nearly unanimous that the youth and anyone that is even slightly liberal would rise up and do something about it. So maybe I'm hoping that this happens just to see actual real political change...not a black liberal that is in practice more conservative than Reagan, vs. a white conservative complaining about how unconstitutional it is to provide health care to everyone in a way that mirrors his own laws and policies in his own state 10 years before that he authored himself.

Comment Re:[Stupid] move (Score 0) 400

He hasn't been charged with a crime yet. However, he has been charged by others as having done something that might be a crime.

The words I used are sadly ambiguous and I apologize for the ambiguity.

I stand behind what Wikileaks has done. And I think Bradley is a great man for releasing the info...doesn't mean I don't think Assange is a douche that loves the publicity.

Comment Re:[Stupid] move (Score 5, Insightful) 400

Hello someone that doesn't understand that the system of justice in one country isn't the same in another country.

In Sweden, it has been established over and over in these debates, one cannot be charged with a crime unless they have been questioned in person.

He left the country before he could be questioned in person. Yes, one prosecutor decided there wasn't enough evidence at the time...and another said there was enough to question him. Even in the US, this happens all the time. And it is rarely politically motivated...

I wouldn't be surprised if the US had a part in this...however, I think that Assange had a MUCH bigger part...and I believe Sweden may just be following their own rules, even if the US likes that they are. if someone pisses me off and I see them jaywalking while a cop had his back to my enemy...I might just walk over to the cop and mention how dangerous it is for that guy to be endangering the cars going by and encourage them to follow the laws already there, if nothing more than to piss the guy off a little.

I don't think it takes any conspiracy to note the US is probably enjoying this as they know it is destroying Wikileaks. However, I don't think there is any nefarious plan to extradite him...especially as we have extradition treaties with the UK as well and could just as easily asked to bring him over with the caveat that we'd have to promise not to kill him...that's the only thing the UK asks...and I don't think the US could do this legally...much easier to kill him right where he was in the first place and even if everyone knew it was the US, we'd still have plausible deniability. That's the problem with you conspiracy don't think of the simplest solutions. Occam's Razor...

Comment Re:[Stupid] move (Score 2, Informative) 400

Because it is their system of laws.

Apparently, they can't even officially charge someone with a crime until they have met in person with the prosecutors.

I personally think it is a good idea to not charge and convict someone in abstentia -- even if they agree to it. It isn't good for ANY open and honest judicial system.

Comment Re:[Stupid] move (Score 5, Interesting) 400

Yes, some of us are really that naive.

Sweden is very liberal about the protection of women and what should constitute sexual abuse. He was a big name, and he broke the law to the point he used his influence to do things that would get other men arrested too. And then instead of answering the charges, he fled the country. Over something that might get him $1000 in fines and told not to come back to the country.

In most countries, what he did would be considered douchebaggery of the highest proportions. In Sweden, they find it criminal...even if it is pretty much a slap on the wrist. When a big name does it, they need to make an example...and the example is he pays a fine much smaller than he has wasted in lawyers so far and goes home. He could have taken care of this months ago, but he wanted to stay in the public eye and pretend that he was oppressed. I wish I could fuck one woman, convince her to drop me off at another woman's home. Fuck her without a condom after telling her I was wearing one, and then go back to the first and pull my condom off halfway through and brag about it...while having half the world look at me as if I'm a political prisoner for doing so...and probably fuck another dozen women in the process.

Gotta hand it to him...he knows how to play others. Are you so naive to think that a man so skilled at manipulation isn't manipulating you?

(BTW I think the US would LOVE to have him in custody, but we all know that he committed no crimes in the US. Treason is not a crime if you aren't a citizen...regardless of what Republicans would like to have you believe)

Comment Re:Anticompetetive (Score 1) 376

You mean like Dropbox?

Oh wait, Dropbox has been on iOS and OSX for years...and integrates nicely into software sold through Apple's iStore and the Mac AppStore.

With the exception of having to follow the rules and not sell electronic access through the application unless Apple is handling the transaction (a rule from day one), Dropbox has long been accepted by Apple (when Apple lawyers dropped this rule on Dropbox after DB started the dropbox store in their API, they came to an agreement in a day...the agreement was to follow the rules that Dropbox had originally agreed to.)

So is that what you mean by believing that Apple would allow a third party to set up rival iCloud servers? Because there are several companies that do just this and give APIs and developer kits to integrate their software into apps. Off the top of my head, Dropbox, Box dot Net, Skydrive, Google (docs / Drive), and I know I'm forgetting a few more.

Yeah, Apple wouldn't allow this...oh wait...if they follow the rules, they don't care.

Comment Re:No thank you. (Score 1) 227

I designed a system like this years ago (the other large company doing essay scoring as part of their big college entrance exam)...and part of the methodology was that the other raters were never supposed to know what the computer rated the paper. If the computer and the humans were within 1 point (6 point scale...pretty much if they were within one standard deviation)...the essay was assigned the average score. If not, it went to two other humans, and the score was averaged.

The biggest thing we had to work with the raters was that they were NOT to rate content. They were to rate writing. This was an uphill battle because raters wanted to have their opinion built into the score, and after rating 5000 papers on specific subjects, they felt they were an expert on the field. However, I specifically had to tell them over and over that content was not to be rated. It could be gibberish...most of these essays were intended to have a student come in blind and write about a subject (or a choice between a few subjects) and may not know a damn thing about any of the subjects at hand. And yet were being rated on their knowledge by these people.

I know this was the instruction I heard most ignored from the Pearson team competing with us (this world is a small small world...most of us would talk about how ours worked and confident enough that ours world better that we didn't care what we said to others).

So yeah, as long as it was well written gibberish, the computer would rate these higher.

That said, I don't know any team that is intending computers to be the sole arbiter of the grade. Augmented rating, yes...sole rater? No.

And I know within my system, I had a 70%+ chance of my system in agreeance with the group mean (6 point scale...Pearson used a 4 point and bragged about the same agreeance rates). And close to a 90% of within a standard deviation. If you took any single rated from a 4 person team and put them against the mean? You'd realize the computer was more accurate than the humans.

In the end, I wanted to use out system to help educators assign more writings, and would allow students to submit their work to test it, and write against it. We also had a way that students could ask our experts to help with writing if they didn't like the ratings (we also had a much expanded scale for non-ratings purposes...the last model I trained it on was the 6+1 system -- to allow for not just overall score, but addition to all the boring spelling, grammar and all that bullshit). It allowed students to write more, and write in a more self-directed manner. It also allowed the teacher to grade with a scalpel as opposed to a hatchet and fix the writings before things were turned in for the final grade.

Back to the parent poster's message...your wife probably wasn't supposed to be rating content. Then again, I found entire teams over the years that had their own rules that had nothing to do with the carefully crafted directions I created...and I would imagine that other large assessment teams at different orgs would have found the same (especially when you are actually using these in a production setting as opposed to a sterile lab setting).

Comment Re:Not really (Score 2) 315

Wait? You don't buy from China? You buy from Taiwan (officially known as the Republic of China) and is the home of Foxconn? And even though Taiwan and China are separate gov'ts, they both treat their employees almost the same...and one can claim their products are made in Taiwan even if it is made on the mainland?

Here is news for you, HTC is primarily built AND DESIGNED by Foxconn. It isn't hard to look this up. Go on, I'll wait.

So while you are being snarky about how much above everyone else you are, you are buying a phone that actually has more to do with Foxconn than the Apple's do...

Comment Re:Well good! (Score 1) 714

You can negotiate over it.

However, considering both paid for that space, and if one wants to be a dick and not negotiate over it, they have every right to be a dick.

I wouldn't want to be a roommate with this person either. I'm not arguing in ANY way that they are good people. I'm arguing that a shared space is free game for both participants unless they agree otherwise. I have exactly one dick roommate and I moved out. I complained for a day or two, and then realized he had just as much right to do whatever as I did, so long as it didn't infringe on my rights. Right to privacy is one you give up in a shared living arrangement, and its one I'm not willing to ever give up again.

Comment Re:Well good! (Score 1) 714

"The guy is a dickhead who violated another persons very reasonable expectation of privacy and then spread it around. "

I may get vilified for this, but what the fuck expectation of privacy do you have when you sleep in the same room as someone else?

I lived in a shared dorm room 20 years ago and it was fucking brutal. I don't want my roommate watching me change, and I certainly didn't want my roommate seeing be getting my dick sucked, so I went elsewhere for both of these activities. I know some people believe you can do things like put signs up or otherwise, but that is just as fucking rude...if its my room, I come and go as I feel free. Anything that happens in that room, is fair game.

And again, it was fucking hell.

Personally, I don't think two people should ever have to share a single room together unless they are romantically involved. Why? Because you give up every expectation of ANY privacy. My girlfriend would come over if my roommate was gone and stay, but if he walked in...that was our problem. If he walked in with a dozen frat bros and they all made comments...that was also our problem...when someone else is paying for the same amount of access, you don't have a right to tell them to stay out of the place they live and sleep.

Beyond that, I find it absolutely reprehensible when people decide they can have sex in a shared room. I don't care if it is heterosexuals or homosexuals. I'm sorry if it is the only place you have private...go get a motel room. I didn't have my girlfriend come over for anything intimate if I knew my roommate was around at all...I found it to just be fucking rude. We got a motel room or stayed at a friends place that had a spare room. And then the next semester, I traded up to a single dorm room (the girl and I split the price even though she still had her own dorm room that was shared).

All this said, the guy that video'd it is a dick. I have no doubt he is a homophobic asshole. And regardless of how rude it is to have sex while a roommate is living with you, its a fucking dick move. In a shared space, nothing is private, but you still don't do shit like this. Being a dick is not a criminal act -- regardless how much you are. I find it horrible what happened to the kid that killed himself, and I think society needs to better help kids like him...and honestly, the schools honor code should kick out any little asshole that posts videos like this...but thats the schools code -- not the law. A school should be able to have rules against being an asshole, the gov't shouldn't.

Comment Re:Perspective (Score 2) 438

Either that, or we realized that a lot of the shit that AT&T did sucked, but you could see that it sucked far less with AT&T and thus lifting both brands.

Honestly, what did Apple ever have to blame anyone else for? The signal strength? Ohes noes...I get shitty reception if I hold it wrong, how many millions of dollars can I spend to get this fixed. Oh wait...I can just hold it differently like using a different hand.

This is the only real PR fiasco Apple encountered with their product outside of the nerd crowd screaming BUT ITS DRMWARE!@!@!@! Which most of the pragmatic nerds like me just said Yup, I'll Jailbreak It and never thought twice about it (Ironically, the first person to help me break DRM on an Apple product is now an Apple VP.)

Comment Re:Leave It (Score 1) 715

Why would you want to install something like computrace on a $400 tablet (thats how much my institution pays for them)? Get insurance and be done with it. If you are talking the Fire, its a $200 device. If its lost, its lost...on the iPad, you can do a remote wipe just as easily as you can Computrace if something is lost. However, not sure why you'd allow FERPA protected data on a tablet anyways, and thus its a moot point. With the Kindle, you can sideload almost anything you want. If you are with a school system, you most likely have access to a consortium that allows you to get etexts straight from the manufacturer at a huge discount without ever dealing with Amazon, and load it up from there.

As for AS, I'm assuming you mean Active Directory...who the fuck actually needs this except for managing PCs. Oh yeah, PC nerds that can't think outside of the Microsoft paradigm...I use to develop student testing software (as well as psychological testing) and it was amazing when I actually talked with any school techs. By and far, they were the most basement of dwellers I'd ever met. They weren't just nerds, but by and far they were MICROSOFT NERDS. I developed both the psychological side of things, as well as the technical backend, so I could actually address the needs of school nerds, but honest to god, I think most of them just made up rules and regulations because either they weren't smart enough to do anything new -- or they were the SYSOP FROM HELL and needed to protect their job so they kept things as byzantine as possible so no one could ever take their jobs away. Granted, the most computers I've ever had to manage myself (well, and two assistants) was about 1000, and these days, I only have about 100 to deal with...but the shelf technology that really didn't take much time to deal with. For some reason school nerds never understood simplicity and everytime I heard any of them talk, it pretty much sounded exactly like you...EVERYONE ELSE IS SO RIGID, THEY WON'T FOLLOW MY RULES, FUCK THEM...I'M BUYING WINDOWS!!!

Ok, that was over the top...I don't know you and you may not be this bad. I realize I'm being an asshole, but your post brought back way too many bad memories.

Comment Re:Boycott? (Score 3, Insightful) 744

Same with Dell who's laptops are made there, as are Compaq's and HP's, and Microsoft's products including the Xbox 360 -- in which the factory where Apple was getting all the hate because Foxcon employees were threatening suicide weren't even manufacturing Apple products -- but the XBOX360 and Kinect in the ramp up to Christmas.

Its funny that Apple gets all the shit, when in fact, they make up a small part of this company's output -- and they are the only ones that for the last several years have been asking for reports from the companies involved, been actively reducing child labor (they fired a company that was found to have child labor two years in a row), they have asked the wages of the employees making the devices in these companies be raised (far more than the ones making the XBOX products), and are actively trying to change the culture. Last year, a lot of the products that were being manufactured by hand were transitioned to robots because of the repetitive nature of the task...and were shit on for 'firing employees' when they did this.

Its fucked up how much Apple gets shit on with this...its like Greenpeace going after Apple and listing them lower when their practices were far better than any other manufacture with Greenpeace first stating that they were looking for improvement from a baseline (i.e., where was the company a few years ago vs. now...not who is actually better), and then pretty much admitting it was a publicity stunt because of Apple's image...never actually admitting that their products were far ahead of the competition.

That said, I would fucking shoot myself in the head if I had to work in conditions like in Foxcon...that is if my family wasn't fined for me doing so and put into prison camps to pay for my crime against society. Even the best fucking sucks...

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