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Comment Re:Not so fast.. (Score 1) 548

Point of fact, everyone forgets that when Germany was expanding in the first stages of the war, Russia was also expanding its territory at the expense of its neighbors. I wouldn't say Russia was at fault for starting WWII like Hitler was but Russia was not the victim at the start of the war.

Comment Re:It's good to be owed money! (Score 1) 409

You're actually helping their cause with that phrasing. Taiwan _never_ belonged to Communist China. If anything, Mainland China once belonged to Taiwan. Economically, I believe that China is shooting itself in the foot by devaluing its currency at the expense of everyone else. China cannot prosper alone while others struggle. Once everyone goes broke buying Chinese products, China will suffer the most.

Comment Why not? (Score 0) 216

The newest GPUs have 2 billion transistors. Why wouldn't you put them to use? That's the trend anyways, even nVidia is going to release a 3 billion transistor GPU that's able to run general programs. I'm a PC gamer, I could care less if Intel or ATI or nVidea cheat on their benchmarks. In fact they should be encouraged to release hand coded or special drivers to improve performance in specific games.

Comment Doesn't look good for Nvidia (Score 4, Interesting) 185

They better have a compelling product with the upcoming fermi then, but from I what I hear they're trying to design their GPUs for more general purpose computing, specifically scientific computations. It's a really big gamble and I can't see that it will be a huge market. Their upcoming products are supposed to have 3 billion transistors which is way more than 4x the amount in an i7 CPU. It's probably going to cost a ton too.

Comment Really? Apple? (Score 1) 228

I really don't care how Apple shoots itself in the foot regarding their AppStore. The way I see it, they pioneered the market but someone else (maybe Microsoft or Google) will rule the smartphone/PMP and downloadable application market soon enough. I give Apple a lot of credit for their vision and creativeness but they must think people are really stupid if they think anyone will believe that they _didn't_ reject the app. I applaud Apple's misguided efforts for quality control and attempt to maintain their revenue stream, I completely understand the reasons for them. However they should rethink a lot of the restrictions they have. Maybe it won't be soon but there will be an avalanche of new options available that will sideline Apple's offerings in the future.

Comment Re:They let anyone on these days... (Score 1) 178

What are you talking about? I've been playing Runes of Magic, which seems to me the same free-to-play but pay-for-extras model, for a month and none of the things you say happens, happens. All of my interactions with other players have been civil and mature. I've never played WoW so griefing may be common there but since it doesn't happen in Runes of Magic, a free game, your theory goes out the window.

Comment Re:Hmmm..... (Score 3, Interesting) 377

Yes, everyone should understand that the POTUS has no real power to change the economy. But at the same time I can think of many things that Bush and all elected officials in power did that contributed to this downturn. The POTUS should have the confidence of the public, in this regard Bush is a total failure. President D Roosevelt is credited with ending the Great Depression but there is great debate whether he actually did. What he did do was be a leader in which Americans trust. Obama is probably going to follow this mold, he's already talking about an extended period of financial downturn. Anyone expecting that Obama is going to turn things around in his first term is probably unrealistic.

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