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Comment To recover bandwidth... (Score 1) 491

I noticed on the Linksys' log that the laptop was making seemingly random connections to high-numbered ports on various IPs. I did a nslookup on the IPs to see that they were all either in Canada or US, with Comcast and other ISP addresses

Hey dad, you see that donkey icon in the system tray, next to the time ? Now right click on it and choose "Quit".

Comment Re:Failure to compare with XP (Score 0, Troll) 248

Why did they fail to compare performance with Windows XP?

Because Vista was really slower than XP, and 7 is only a little bit faster than Vista (but still a lot slower than XP). That's why it was not in the benchmarks. Marketing...
If you search for XP vs Vista vs 7 (and, why not, vs Linux) disk/networking benchmarks, you'll see what I mean.

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