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Operating Systems

Submission + - Getting a Windows refund the new way?

SgtChaireBourne writes: Getting a Windows Refund on the unused, pre-installed operating systems used to involve a slow but well-documented and predictable checklist of actions and contacts with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Lately, white box systems are still rate, and new systems that don't come with either Linux or OS X pre-installed seem to be missing the EULA. In previous versions of Windows, upon first boot, there was a dialog box which asked if you agree or disagree with the EULA. The new ones seem to be missing this fairly crucial step.

Many people I am responsible for will be getting new notebooks within the next six months and the extra 150 EUR save from not bundling Windows could be put towards peripherals or better hardware. What is the new best practice for getting a Windows refund?

Submission + - Vista Menu (with Logo) for GNOME

SMOKEING writes: "A recent entry on offers users of GNOME a "Vista-like Start Menu". Given the overwhelming diversity of UI customizations, GTK and KDE themes, and the like sporting various degrees of likeness to Aero or Aqua, with whole Windows-esque distros like Linspire still finding their raison d'être, the project in question does ultimately touch to the quick.

In light of occasional growl of discontent voiced about GNOME's "interoperability" policies, including OOXML non-rejection, and Linus's heart-felt "Just tell people to use KDE", and even despite the fact that the author himself is probably not affiliated with GNOME at all, this development begs the question: How far a never-standardized UI on the Linux desktop can go courting proprietary interface designs?"

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