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Comment Re:Copy Apple & Google (Score 2, Insightful) 267

I would not call the iPhone platform "open" in any sense of the word. The software is proprietary, you have to use Apple's tools, and you can only distribute your application* if Apple gives you the go-ahead.

*I'm not counting jailbreaking and alternative locations here. Apple disables this kind of thing by default, so your users will be required to take extra steps that complicate things for them both now and in the future.

Comment Lost in translation (Score 1) 249

Given that we didn't beam out the Wikipedia article for the first message, I'm going to try and anticipate what the alien civilization will see it as by deciphering it myself without reading the article first:

"From top to bottom, the word 'aliens' in white English letters, a purple rock, some Space Invaders, a man with a giant blue head and a staff to his right, some white noise, and a bunch of stars over Planet GMail."

Comment Re:bookmarks? (Score 1) 447

You don't need to be lucky. You need to be picky. Pick the *right* woman, not some woman who is 'good enough'.

Sure, if you want to die alone.

I'm not saying that the perfect match isn't out there, but the probability of finding that true significant other is extraordinary slim.

Comment This is a poor solution (Score 4, Interesting) 372

The way to view the video is to use an external site (NeoSmart's site to be precise) to find the MP4 on Google's servers and display it using the video tag. All the script does is add a link to the YouTube page that redirects you to NeoSmart's viewer.

A far better solution would be something like YouTube Without Flash Auto or YouTube Perfect, both of which (among other features) locate the MP4 client-side and present the video right in the YouTube page using whatever plugin you assigned to play MP4 files. If this can be pulled off without involving any external sites, I see no reason that a conversion to HTML5 video tags can't be done the same way.

Disclaimer: using those scripts to view YouTube outside of the Flash player violates the ToS.

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