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Comment Re:Stunts ( 4D Sports Driving) (Score 1) 117

Stunts is one of my favorite games too. I remember seeing my brother play it first on our 386, and then I finally found it something like a decade later from an abandonware site. The track editor makes for a lot of replay value. Sure, it's still grid-based and sometimes it's picky, but it is still remarkably versatile.

For being able to run on something that slow, the engine was quite respectable - it was true 3D, wasn't it? Even if everything was very low polygon count...

The physics in Stunts also has some amusing issues. If you hit a building just right, your car flies straight up in the air to a ridiculous height before falling down again. I think it's also possible to make your car spontaneously explode if you enter a long tube and turn suddenly so your car moves in a circle.

Comment Re:It is NOT a fourth basic component (Score 5, Informative) 86

i = current
q = charge
V = voltage
phi = magnetic flux

dq = i dt (current)
dphi = V dt (voltage)
dV = r di (resistance)
dq = C dv (capacitance)
dphi = L di (inductance)
It was hypothesized that some device should exist that connects charge and flux, and follows the relationship: dphi = M dq. This is "memristance." It was predicted in 1971 as the "fourth basic circuit element"; see:
They were fundamentally theoretically new then. They just had not been physically realized and connected with that theory until recently.
Please don't dismiss them as "pure marketing hype" without some research.

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