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Comment Solar Panel Motion (Score 1) 180

I watched the ground (stupendous,) I watched the lightning (amazing,) I watched the stars (Fascinating: it's worth watching them come upwards from the horizon - like rain in reverse, and also watch the atmospheric effects on them.) Then I tried to figure out where places are (still clueless: would like second-by-second tabulated list of locations, please.) Then I started watching the ISS itself - the play of light and reflections on the equipment that is visible, and have to ask (someone knowledgeable, please) if the motions of the solar panels while in earth shadow are really necessary? It just seems uneconomical electrically and mechanically to allow such movements.

Just asking, as always.

(SETI user of the day 19 September 2011 - Every Little Helps!)

Submission + - Personal Content Ripping to Become Legal - In UK (

the monolith writes: The British Government will later today clarify it's new position on when making copies of copyrighted material is acceptable. The statement will also detail the legal position on changing format of copyrighted material e.g. to MP3, OGG etc.. Clarifying the boundaries will also define in a heavy chalk outline where other works of artfulness stand, or not.

Comment Nostalgia? It Is Still Relevant Technology (Score 2) 46

Oh, yes - people still looking for a fast startup can relate to core memory. You switch the machine on, set the switches to the base address, hit 'reset', hit 'run' and you are up and running the last loaded program (CPU next instruction address registers etc.. are volatile, so can't be used) So, for example, set 0019, Res, Run, and you are up and running (CIL System 90, and others) Not too shoddy, eh?

Oh, er, when can we get a 5 channel paper tape reader, 8 cps (characters per second) teletype, 800bpi (bits per inch - cute, eh?) mag tape, and punch cards, please :-))

Oh, for the days of spicing an edit into a bit of blank paper tape and taping it into the right place, !syad dlo doog eht erew esoht as we used to say.

Submission + - Sex Change Without Radiation (

the monolith writes: "Don't give up asking why the chicken crossed the road, but it's about time you started asking "Why Did The Chicken Go Cock-a-Doodle-Do"?
The owner of anotherwise fine looking, egg laying, hen was very surprised when it started growing male body features, stopped laying eggs, and started crowing it's head off. The local vet blames it on fungus infected feed. The article does not elaborate where the feed came from or if it can be purchased over the internet"

Comment Parsec ? (Score 1) 1141

A Parsec is a length unit of measurement.
We also have Kiloparsecs, Megaparsecs and Gigaparsecs, but I do not know anyone living that far away yet.
I cannot believe that my spellchecker does not have Gigaparsecs in it!

Submission + - UK Broadband tax 'to be made law' (

the monolith writes: "It seems that the UK Government want to tax your connection to the internet via land line broadband. But all might be fine as they are targeting "Anyone with a fixed line telephone", and there can't be that many folks out there that still keep a phone-on-a-rope anyway, right?"

Submission + - The Husband Hunting Bra (

the monolith writes: Well, someone had time on his hands, the boss was out, and a spare processor on the bench. It simply had to be done, and a Japanese engineer went where no one has gone before in producing a husband hunting bra. The victim is distracted by the firmware, and the wearer can move in swiftly for the kill wielding the strategically positioned wedding ring. What other projects could be thought up by bored slashdotters? Answers on the proverbial digital postcard.
The Courts

Submission + - U.S. judge reverses ruling in Julius Baer case (

the monolith writes: Link: Quote "The court has serious questions about the effectiveness of any order this court might issue, given the current state of affairs, that these matters are fully out in the public domain, in the virtual domain," White said in making his ruling on Friday."

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