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Comment Parsec ? (Score 1) 1141

A Parsec is a length unit of measurement.
We also have Kiloparsecs, Megaparsecs and Gigaparsecs, but I do not know anyone living that far away yet.
I cannot believe that my spellchecker does not have Gigaparsecs in it!

Submission + - UK Broadband tax 'to be made law' (

the monolith writes: "It seems that the UK Government want to tax your connection to the internet via land line broadband. But all might be fine as they are targeting "Anyone with a fixed line telephone", and there can't be that many folks out there that still keep a phone-on-a-rope anyway, right?"

Submission + - The Husband Hunting Bra (

the monolith writes: Well, someone had time on his hands, the boss was out, and a spare processor on the bench. It simply had to be done, and a Japanese engineer went where no one has gone before in producing a husband hunting bra. The victim is distracted by the firmware, and the wearer can move in swiftly for the kill wielding the strategically positioned wedding ring. What other projects could be thought up by bored slashdotters? Answers on the proverbial digital postcard.
The Courts

Submission + - U.S. judge reverses ruling in Julius Baer case (

the monolith writes: Link: Quote "The court has serious questions about the effectiveness of any order this court might issue, given the current state of affairs, that these matters are fully out in the public domain, in the virtual domain," White said in making his ruling on Friday."

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